Photography from the L concourse at Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

It has been a long time since I had last taken pictures from the L concourse at ORD, so I managed to work in a little time for it during a quick transit through the windy city for a recent business trip. Up until this point, I have never really appreciated how good the L concourse was for photography, as it’s layout and location is pretty much perfect in the late afternoons. On one hand, there are awesome views of the international terminal (Terminal 5) through L’s large windows, and the sun angle is pretty darn good in the late afternoons and into the evenings. As an added bonus, approaches for runways 27L and R can been seen in the distance.

I shot a lot of pictures that afternoon.  One of the best catches of the day was an Apple Vacations 757-200 – I was lucky to get a lot more shots of it than you can see in this gallery, but those photos have been used for a different project and I cannot show them here. Also, I was fortunate to get a picture of an American Trans Air 757 passing by the international terminal. ATA 757’s aren’t rare in Chicago (they had a hub over at MDW), but this was the only time I have seen an ATA aircraft at ORD.

American Airlines 737-800

Air Canada A319

Apple Vacations 757-200

ATA 757-200

Delta Airlines 757-200

On a side note, those of you with eagle eyes will quickly notice that not ALL of the photos in this group were shot from the end of the L concourse. The Air Canada A319 and the Apple Vacations 757-200 (mentioned above) were taken from different locations around the airport. But still – the one thing I remember from this day was my excitement about the photo opportunities from the end of the L concourse. This was the first time I had the opportunity to just sit and watch the action on the ramp from that vantage point, and let me tell ya…I am pretty much hooked on “L”.

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