Photographing at LAX with my first digital camera

I recently got my first digital camera (a Fuji MX-2900) and I hate to admit it, but…boy does it ever suck. I’ve been photographing airplanes for a few months now and I know that my little point-and-shoot Canon Elph isn’t going to cut it anymore. I needed to upgrade, and I was planning on picking up my first SLR camera.

However, digital cameras are starting to hit the market, and the technology geek in me can’t resist – I made the conscious decision to buy a 2MP digital camera over a highly-featured SLR film body. Yes, a rather boneheaded move on my part – the Fuji MX-2900 is pretty bad with it’s high noise at low ISO and poor focusing ability. But no matter, as I am extremely happy not to have to pay film processing fees anymore. Off to the airport I went.

San Diego is about 2 hours south of LAX down the 405, so it was within easy reach for a day of photography whenever I have the time. Before now, I have spent a lot of time out at SAN taking pictures, and LAX is a nice break from that action. These pictures were from my third trip there. The first trip was a failure. I shot from the terminal windows and I came back with a ton of underexposed images shot through dirty glass. The next trip was a moderate success, but the conditions were too overcast to get any real keepers. I was still pretty much a newb at that point, and I didn’t really understand good light – so the clouds didn’t deter me from an afternoon of photography. Ugh.

QANTAS 747-400

Delta Airlines L-1011-385-3

Delta Airlines 767-200

Air New Zealand 747-400

Air Pacific 747-200

Air Canada A319

But this third attempt on December 4th was much better. The conditions were perfect, and I was pretty excited to have discovered the Proud Bird parking lot from which this set of images was photographed. Too bad the camera isn’t any good. The MX-2900 is only good enough to get clean images at 640×480, so I apologize for the small pics.

Anyway – lots of good stuff to see. 747 classics and Delta’s L-1011’s still rule at LAX – and I’m going to miss them when they are gone. I am just happy to be out there taking pics, and I enjoy the fact that I am capturing some really special aircraft.

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