One shot of a USAirways 767-200 at Dublin Airport (DUB/EIDW)

I took a trip to Dublin Ireland earlier this month, and all I wanted to do was travel – not take pictures of airplanes. Seriously – it had been a great summer of aviation photography up to this point but I was feeling like I had my fill so it was an easy decision to leave the camera at home. I did take my little Digital Elph point-and-shoot camera with me for the touristy-type snaps, but the mighty Canon 350D stayed home.

All in all it was a really great trip. There is nothing I enjoy more than just setting off to a faraway place that I had never been to before, just to go and see what’s there. The airliner geek in me loves these trips as well, as I always try to book the most interesting routings and aircraft, with a slight constraint being that I am a hard-core Northwest Airlines Worldperks member, so my routings have to get me some of those cherished WP miles. For this trip, I chose Continental Airlines:

SAN-EWR (737-800)

EWR-DUB (767-400)

DUB-EWR (767-400)

EWR-SAN (737-800)

I did pretty good keeping my camera in the bag during the airline portion, though I did take a ton of touristy photos while exploring the city of Dublin. Beautiful city. However, the morning of my departure from DUB greeted me with a beautiful clear and bright Irish sunrise, and resistance was futile. I had to take some pics, no matter that my little Digital Elph was very poor when it came to aviation photography. I took a lot of pictures from the terminal windows that morning, most of them turning out blurry and out of focus. But the USAirways 767-200 (N655US) photo at the top of this post turned out good enough – I was happy with it.

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