My very first day as an aviation photographer

There I was: As newb as a newbie could be, standing on Laurel Street right under the flight line of runway 27 at SAN (San Diego International Airport). I had my trusty Canon ELPH APS camera firmly in my grips, firing away as fast as I could at any aircraft that flew overhead. This is the start of a big new hobby for me…

Of course, I have much to learn from this point. I know, I know. I cringe at the thought of using a low-res point and shoot camera for aviation photography. I also need to pay more attention to light angles and composition – and these pictures prove it. I mean, really – can anything be more horrific than shooting approaching aircraft from directly underneath – in the worst light of the day – at the worst time of year for optimum sun position? Oh jeez – I didn’t realize how difficult this aviation photography thing is going to be.

American Airlines MD-80

Alaska Airlines MD-83

Alaska Airlines MD-83

Alaska Airlines MD-83

British Airways 747-400

Delta Airlines 737-300

Delta Airlines MD-90

Evergreen DC-9

America West A320

America West 757-200 Arizona Livery

United Airlines A320

United Shuttle 737-300

USAirways 757-200

USAirways A319

USPS 727-100C

Southwest Airlines 737-300

Southwest Airlines 737-300

Southwest Airlines 737-500

Southwest Airlines 737-300

Technical issues aside, I’m sure that I’m going to look back on these pictures years from now with fond memories. Not only do they mark the beginnings of my aviation photography career, they represent a captured moment in time for SAN, and the city of San Diego. A big part of the reason why I am attracted to aviation photography so much is because of the historical aspects of it. The commercial aviation industry is changing daily, and I find it fascinating to be able to look back into the past and reminiscence about the days of aviation yore.

With that, here are pictures from my very first outing at the San Diego Airport. Yes, these pictures suck, but I did manage to capture some interesting things:

  • Alaska Airlines MD-83 (soon to be retired)
  • A USPS 727-100F and an Evergreen DC-9  – you sure as heck don’t see those much anymore!

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