More 27L action from Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

Remember how I mentioned in my last post that I drive to ORD a lot? Well, I think this post proves it. This photo session occurred exactly one week after my last one – same location, time, aircraft, and all. Yeah, I am pretty desperate to take pictures of airplanes!

I should also take a moment to mention that I am typically a “morning” shooter. I prefer to get up bright and early and be on location taking pictures by sunrise. It is very rare for me to ever do an afternoon shoot. But I really need to start to enjoy afternoon/sunset shooting more because of the opportunity to shoot better/more interesting aircraft – often in better light (because of the runways I typically shot at). Being in the US means that European heavies usually arrive mid-day and into the afternoon, and I miss a lot of that by being a morning shooter.

Continental Airlines 737-300

Delta Airlines 757-200

Japan Airlines 747-400

KLM 747-200(SUD)

KLM 747-200(SUD)

Korean Air 777-200 World Cup 2002 Livery

Korean Air 777-200 World Cup 2002 Livery

Lufthansa 747-400

Mexicana Airlines 757-200

Northwest Airlines A319

Northwest Airlines DC-9-31

Spirit Airlines MD-81

USAirways 737-300

USAirways 737-300

USAirways 737-400

Anyway, the end of March pretty much marks the end of the season for shooting 27L arrivals into ORD. The spring sun is getting pretty high in the sky this time of year, and that’s a pretty big bummer! I don’t have a lens long enough to shoot at any other location at ORD, so 27L is pretty much all I have available to me.

So even though it is bittersweet, I did manage to get some nice shots from this photo session. There’s the Korean Air 777-200 with the World Cup 2002 livery (HL7598), a Swiss Asia MD-11 (HB-IWN), and a bunch of other things: Northwest Airlines DC-9, Mexicana 757-200, USAirways 737-400, etc.

I was pretty bummed on the drive home from this trip, as I knew that was the last time I’d be shooting on 27L at least until September.

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