Introduction: San Diego to San Francisco on Virgin America

Introduction: San Diego to San Francisco on Virgin America

01. Introduction: San Diego to San Francisco on Virgin America
02. Virgin America first class San Diego to San Francisco
03. A day and a half exploring the city of San Francisco
04. Westin St Francis on Union Square, San Francisco
05. American Airlines Admirals Club, San Francisco
06. Virgin America first class San Francisco to San Diego

I mentioned in my last trip report that I’ve been anxious to fly Virgin America for quite some time, and I finally found an opportunity to do so. My wife has never been to San Francisco, and we’ve been planning a weekend getaway to the city for years. However, things always come up, and our schedules and travel plans never really aligned properly in order to do it. Part of the problem has been that San Francisco isn’t that far away from us (just an hour long flight), so we always put if off thinking that we could easily go any time. Unfortunately, that line of thinking put a higher priority on everything else for years.

Tired of putting it off, we finally set a date. Actually, that date was strategically chosen to coincide with a social event at work that I was dreading on attending, so being conveniently out of the office on that day was very important!

Before planning anything else, I immediately booked tickets for us on Virgin America. It was either them or United (or perhaps Southwest), and being how badly I wanted to try VX, it was pretty much a no-brainer. And just like my last trip, I really wasn’t planning on buying first class tickets – until I saw that they were only $400 each. Yeah, most people wouldn’t pay that for such a short flight, but I couldn’t resist. And besides – I like surprising my wife with little treats like that. Of course she didn’t know anything about it until we boarding the aircraft on our outbound flight, so that made it all that much better of a surprise.

Here’s our exact itinerary:

8/1/14 VX961 San Diego to San Francisco (first class)
8/3/14 VX956 San Francisco to San Diego (first class)

Yeah, this was just a short trip and I knew going into it that we wouldn’t be getting the true Virgin America first class experience here. However, I’d like to consider it as a quick preview of their premium product – just to see if it’s worth trying again on a longer flight sometime.

Besides, it was nice to be back in San Francisco again. It’s been 10 years for me, and the first time for my wife. She enjoyed it quite a bit! A full trip report is coming very soon…

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