Introduction: San Diego to Minneapolis on Delta Airlines

Introduction: San Diego to Minneapolis on Delta Airlines

01. Introduction: San Diego to Minneapolis on Delta Airlines
02. Delta Airlines first class San Diego to Minneapolis
03. Delta Airlines first class Minneapolis to San Diego

I’m pretty sure that having family spread out all over the country is a really good thing for a travel nerd such as myself. Any excuse to jump on an airplane is a perfectly good one in my mind, and Thanksgiving for us usually means converging on my sister’s house in Minnesota for a few days for loads of family, food, and football (pretty much in that order).

We normally utilize Delta’s non-stop flights to Minneapolis for these trips, but this year, I was going to try and see if there was a chance that we could do it on Sun Country Airlines instead. After all, they are the only other airline that serves MSP non stop from San Diego, and I’ve never had the opportunity to fly with them. Unfortunately, their schedule wasn’t as convenient as Delta’s plethora of choices, so it was not meant to be. Delta it is. Again.

Of course that’s not such a bad thing – any opportunity to add to the SkyMiles pile is OK with me (not that it really means much anymore), and I’ve never really found much to complain about Delta in the past. I fully know what to expect going in, so sometimes the “safe” choice is good to make travel less stressful. Bah, who am I kidding? Ok, I admit it: I’m totally disappointed that I wasn’t able to add Sun Country to my flight log!

If booking far enough in advance, the Delta’s first class fares out of SAN aren’t usually that bad. Combine that with the fact that we would be departing on Thanksgiving day (as opposed to the day or two before), and we got a pretty good deal to sit up front. Yes, I have a bad habit of purchasing domestic first class seats, and I know it’s a complete waste of money, but I’m at the age where I value my time (and convenience) more than dollars so I don’t mind paying a bit extra for a few extra perks. Keep in mind that Delta doesn’t really offer a true premium product on any flight out of SAN these days, so that’s another reason these domestic first class fares aren’t all that unreasonable.

The only interesting thing to note about the itinerary I booked is that Delta used to fly the MD-90 quite heavily between SAN and MSP, but they appear to be gone from the schedule now. Both our outbound and inbound segments will be on A320s, an aircraft I’ve only flown once between these two city pairs on Delta. I’ve done countless A320s between SAN and MSP on Northwest Airlines, but this would only be the second time on Delta. Interesting, right? Well, if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you agree! At least somewhat…

Here’s the itinerary:

11/27/14 DL1864 San Diego to Minneapolis (first class) – A320
11/29/14 DL2570 Minneapolis to San Diego (first class) – A320

This is going to be a really quick and simple trip report, due to the fact that there are only two segments in the itinerary and we aren’t planning any lounge visits along the way. But I always enjoy two back to back segments on the same aircraft in the same cabin of service between the same two city pairs. It’s a great way to understand the typical quality of service, so let’s see what happens…

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