Introduction: San Diego to Houston on Spirit Airlines

Introduction: San Diego to Houston on Spirit Airlines

01. Introduction: San Diego to Houston on Spirit Airlines
02. Spirit Airlines A319 Big Front Seat San Diego to Houston
03. Marriott hotel, Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport
04. Spirit Airlines A319 Big Front Seat Houston to Las Vegas
05. Spirit Airlines A319 Las Vegas to San Diego

After yet another completely nice but predictable trip on Delta Airlines, I decided that one of my goals for 2015 is going to be to fly as many new airlines as possible. There are quite a few airlines that fly out of San Diego that I haven’t tried yet, but the problem is that most of them fly to cold weather climates and I’m in no mood to go somewhere cold right now! There are a few exceptions, with Spirit Airlines being one of them. I’ve never flown Spirit before, and as sick as it sounds, I really wanted to try them out. Spirit represents the most basic of basic airlines here in the US, and for some reason or another I was really drawn to that. How bad could it possibly be? Let’s find out!

The entire purpose of this trip was to try Spirit Airlines. It needed to be a single-weekend trip out of SAN, destination unimportant other than he fact it couldn’t be anywhere cold. Long story short, a bit of pecking on revealed that Houston (IAH) would work best for a quick weekend jaunt in late January. I’ve never been to Houston before, and quite frankly I’ve never had any desire to go. But what the heck, right?

The schedule was perfect actually. The mid day arrival into IAH would allow me to rent a nice car for an afternoon and go exploring for a bit before heading back to the airport to spend the night at the airport Marriott hotel. Not a very exotic choice of accomodations, I know, but the returning flight was scheduled to depart at 7am. I wanted to be as close to the airport as possible!

The booking process on thier website was an interesting experience. I knew going in that Spirit has basically unbundled every part of their service, so there is a cost for everything you can imagine. And it all adds up really quick! Here’s a look at the price breakdown of my itinerary:

my sprit airlines ticket cost
Spirit Airlines pricing structure

$70 for the privilege of carrying on a small backpack? Yikes! But I paid it. I also paid for Big Front Seats on the longer SAN-IAH and IAH-LAS segments, though I couldn’t justify it for the 45-minute LAS-SAN leg. Besides, it’ll be nice to compare the big seats to the standard ones.

Basically, if you want to fly “normally” (with a carry on bag, seat assignment, and snack), it’s going to cost as much as flying a mainline airline. But if you can live without such things, this is a cheap way to go.

Here’s the full itinerary:

1/24/15 NK858 San Diego to Houston (Big Front Seat) – A319
1/25/15 NK193 Houston to Las Vegas (Big Front Seat) – A319
1/25/15 NK511 Las Vegas to San Diego (standard seat) – A319

So this is going to be pretty interesting. No, it won’t be anywhere near as entertaining or informational as a full international business class review, but it might be good for laughs more than anything else. I’m ready to lose my ultra-low cost carrier virginity!

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