I Finally got a new camera, and I spent a full day at LAX to try it out

I can’t even put into words the euphoria I am feeling after examining the images from my first photo shoot with my new Nikon CoolPix 880 digital camera. For over 14 months, I have been shooting with a Fuji MX2900 digital camera with poor results – I knew it was bad, but it was all I had and I couldn’t afford anything better. I had my eye on the Nikon CoolPix line of cameras for a while, as I was really impressed with their image quality – it was light years beyond my MX2900! So when the CP880 was announced, I knew I had to have it.

Looking at these images from LAX for the first time gave me a huge sense of excitement, as I immediately realized that I have a camera that was capable of producing quality photos with low noise and accurate color balance. Wow. I had just stepped up my game with one simple (but somewhat pricey) purchase. Sh*t just got real. Lol…

The weather forecast was perfect, so I chose to go up to LAX for a day instead of hanging out at SAN – I thought that there would be many more interesting aircraft to shoot, so it would be totally worth it. And it was – I had a lot of fun walking around the departures hall of the Tom Bradley International terminal, and I got some really good pictures. I especially like that south-facing dining area that overlook two active taxiways, as it offers some really great views of aircraft as they roll past the windows.

American Airlines MD-83

Northwest Airlines 747-200

Sun Country Airlines 727-200

United Airlines 757-200

United Shuttle 737-500

USAirways A319

Some interesting airliners I photographed today were: a Sun Country 727-200, Northwest Airlines 747-400, Horizon Air F-28, and an American Airlines MD-83 painted white – which is actually a hybrid of the Reno Air livery. Good stuff.

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