I am becoming addicted to aviation photography at LAX

Don’t let the title of this blog fool you – I am and always have been a SAN based spotter and photographer! It just so happens to be that most of my successful photos come from LAX and not my hometown airport of Lindberg Field here in San Diego. So yeah – here is another small batch of photos from one of my many drives up the 405 to LAX in this month.

I’m not even sure what compelled me to make the two hour drive north to Los Angeles under such cloudy skies. I was taking a big risk! But honestly, I think the broken clouds really add something special to these pics and they turned out rather nice. This brings up an interesting thought: just because it’s cloudy doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not worth going to the airport to take some pictures – there are some interesting pictures that can be had!

Anyway, there were two significant things that came from these trips to LAX. First, I managed to get a picture of Southwest Airlines N668SW, which just so happened to be the same aircraft that overran the runway as SWA 1455 the very next day at BUR. Kind of a spooky photograph, to say the least.

Southwest Airlines 737-300

Hawaiian Airlines DC-10-30

American Airlines 767-200

The second interesting thing to note was that I discovered the restaurant lounge in the Tom Bradley International Terminal which was located at the top of the stairs between the north and south gate areas. The views from this lounge are incredible! All day long, aircraft of all types taxi by right in front of the windows as they move between the north and south complexes of the airfield. I spent hours in this spot, and I hope to get some more really good airliner photographs from there.

My favorite pic from this set is definitely that Hawaiian Airlines DC-10-30. Beautiful aircraft!

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