Hyatt House, Denver International Airport

Hyatt House, Denver International Airport

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04. Hyatt House, Denver International Airport
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Despite having absolutely no idea what a “Hyatt House” was, I didn’t hesitate for an instant upon booking the reservation. The pictures on looked good, the location was perfect, and the price was right. It looked perfect for a simple overnight stay near the Denver airport!

Curiosity got the best of me a few days after making the reservation, however, and I found myself doing some research to figure out what this “House” brand was all about. Long story short, this is Hyatt’s line of extended-stay properties that have a bit of a youth flair sprinkled in to make things interesting.

These are very nicely-designed properties (very similar to the Aloft chain of hotels), and feature open spaces and lounges focused on promoting social gatherings. I’m about as introverted as it gets, so none of these “social” features are very interesting to me – but I can certainly see how intriguing it would be to road warriors who crave social interaction when traveling.

This particular property is currently the closest hotel to the Denver International Airport, though that will no longer be the case come November of this year when the Westin connected directly to the main terminal will open. I’d have stayed there if it were open now, but this Hyatt House was good enough for this quick overnight stay. Before we get to the pics here’s a quick video preview that I put together:

To be honest, the first thing I thought of when walking through the front door on my way to the reception desk was “cheap”. Not cheap like a Motel-8, but more like IKEA cheap. You know…stylish but not very high end. It wasn’t a bad feeling though, and the staff was more than friendly and went out of their way to greet me and to make sure I had everything I needed to be comfortable.

hyatt house exterior
Exterior of the Hyatt House hotel at Denver International Airport
Front desk
Front desk
main lobby seating area
Plenty of space to sit and relax in the main lobby
seating main lobby
More seating areas just off the main lobby
hyatt house business center
While a bit on the small side, the business center was a nice and quiet
hyatt house corridors
Just behind the front desk was the corridor leading to the cafe, more lounge areas, and the elevators
hyatt house lounge area
It’s obvious that the Hyatt House brand is all about social interaction – this is one of the lounges found along the rear corridor.
lounge seating
Another view of the lounge

That cheap feeling followed me all the way to the door of my room, thanks in large part to the dull and dreary corridors slathered in unappealing finishes. Did I make a mistake in booking this room? I wasn’t expecting a plush boutique experience or anything, but so far my expectations had not yet been met.

dark hallways hyatt house
The hallways leading to the rooms seemed unnaturally dark
hyatt house room door
The door to my room (#234)

Thankfully, I was pretty much blown away as soon as I stepped into the room. Scratch that. This wasn’t a room. It wasn’t even a suite. It was a full-blown apartment with a full-size kitchen with a separated bedroom and bath. Very much unexpected, and very nice!

hyatt house main room
The main room looking towards the kitchen and bedroom
living room hyatt house hotel
Main living room with full size couch
living room and kitchen
View of the living room from the kitchen
full size appliances in kitchen
Kitchen with full size appliances
full size refrigerator in hotel room
A full size refrigerator! A first for me when it comes to hotel rooms.
hand towels and coffee maker in hotel room
Hand towels and full size coffee maker helped to make this place feel like home
Silverware included in hotel room
Silverware included
hotel room with dishes
Even the cupboards were fully stocked
place to eat in hotel room
Nice table and chairs in the kitchen
kitchen details hotel room
Nice little touches like this bulletin board in the kitchen helped to make this seem more like home than a stodgy hotel room
hyatt house bed
One of the most comfortable hotel beds I’ve ever slept in, primarily because it was situated in a real bedroom (separate from everything else)
full size nightstands hyatt house hotel room
Large, full size nightstands
tv in the bedroom hyatt house hotel
Additional TV in the bedroom
bathroom hyatt house
Doorway leading to the bathroom
full size bathroom hyatt house hotel
Even the bathroom was nice and large
small sink hyatt house hotel room
I found it odd that the sink basin was so small though – not a big deal, but I thought it didn’t fit with the size of the bathroom
large mirrors hyatt house hotel bathroom
Large floor to ceiling mirrors helped to create the illusion of a large open space
large shower hyatt house hotel
Large shower with a place to sit
hyatt house hotel toilet
The throne
view from hyatt house hotel room denver
At first the view from one of my windows didn’t look so impressive…
view from hyatt house hotel room Denver
…but then I looked to the left to find nothing but open land. Nice!

While not the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at, it was certainly one of the most comfortable. Perhaps the most comfortable considering it was basically an apartment. I felt right at home here, thanks in large part to the full size kitchen and large squishy couch in the main room.

The only negative thing about this stay was the noise from the people in the room above. All was quiet until about 2am when they arrived, stomping all over as they unpacked and got settled in. Annoying as hell considering that I had to wake up at 4:40am to catch my flight back to SAN that morning. Oh well. I know that it wasn’t directly a fault of the Hyatt itself, but word of warning to anyone considering staying here: the floors and walls are thin. You will hear your neighbors!

Despite the noise issue, I’d stay here again without question. But I’ll make sure to bring ear plugs next time…

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