Hilton Chicago O’Hare airport

Hilton Chicago O’Hare airport

01: Introduction: Domestic United Airlines 747-400’s in Global First and economy class
02: United Airlines 737-900/ER Economy Plus (premium economy) San Diego to San Francisco
03: United Airlines 747-400 economy class San Francisco to Chicago
04: Hilton Chicago O’Hare airport
05: United Club, Concourse B, ORD
06: American Airlines Admirals Club, ORD
07: United Airlines 747-400 Global First (first class) Chicago to San Francisco
08: United Airlines A320 economy class San Francisco to San Diego

I’m a sucker for any hotel with decent views of a busy airport, so that’s why there was no other choice for this trip than the Hilton at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Yes it’s a Hilton, and I know that I’ve said many times before that I’m actively trying to avoid the Hilton and Hyatt brands in favor of non-chain hotels for the purpose of making this blog more interesting. But how could I possibly resist when this particular Hilton offers views like this from the guest rooms?

view from room hilton o'hare
Night view of terminals 1 and 2 at ORD as seen from my room here at the Hilton O’Hare.

Before I get into those views, I need to back up for a second and start from the beginning in order to make this review easier to follow. Don’t worry – more window view pics are coming later…

Finding this Hilton from inside the terminal at ORD was rather easy. There are signs that say “Hilton” at all exits, so just keep following them until you reach the front door. I should mention that this hotel is accessible in two ways from the terminal: the first is an underground walkway, and the second is outdoors (by simply walking across the roadway to the hotel entrance). Either way is simple, but I do appreciate the fact that there is an indoor/underground option to avoid inclement weather outside. But if the weather is nice (as it was during my trip), it’s a very nice and easy walk across the roadway.

follow the signs to the hilton chicago ORD
Directions to this Hilton were located on all exit signs inside the terminal at ORD.
O'Hare airport tunnel to hilton hotel
You can choose to walk outside across the roadway or in an underground tunnel to reach this hotel.
underground walkway chicago O'Hare ORD
The underground tunnel takes longer, but there are moving walkways for nearly the entire distance.
hilton hotel entrance underground tunnel chicago O'Hare
The entrance to the hotel is easy to miss in this underground tunnel. I actually went too far and had to turn around and come back.
hilton chicago O'Hare exterior
If you choose to walk to the hotel from the outside, don’t worry – it’s a short and easy walk from any terminal.
hilton chicago O'Hare exterior
I’d actually recommend walking outside instead of taking the tunnel if the weather is nice. It’s much shorter, and the fresh air feels good after a long flight.
hilton chicago O'Hare exterior
Welcome to the Hilton at Chicago O’Hare!

The check in desk was quite busy by the time I arrived (just after 5pm on a Saturday afternoon), and I ended up waiting about 10 minutes for the next available clerk. No worries though – the staff was very friendly and polite (as would be expected), and I had my room card keys within minutes.

Hilton O'Hare check in desk
Hilton O’Hare check in desk.

Walking through the hallway on the 8th floor to my room reminded me quickly that I was not in an overly-luxurious property (the hallway decor screamed “airport hotel”), and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The only reason why I mention it is because I paid nearly $230/night for this room so I was hoping for something a bit more upscale.

8th floor guest room hallway
8th floor guest room hallway.
Room 8016
Room 8016 – my home for the next two nights.

I quickly realized the value of staying here (and the price I paid) immediately upon entering the room. The view of the airport was amazing! The floor to ceiling windows were well worth the price of admission and I knew right away that I’d be spending a lot of time in front of them watching ORD at work. And that I did – I shot tons of pics and thousands of gigabytes of video from here, and I’d go as far as to say it was one of the best views I’ve ever had at an airport hotel. The Marriott at IAH was nice – but this Hilton was much better!

Hilton O'Hare room big windows
My first view of the room immediately stepping inside, and my first thought was how promising that large window looked…
view from room hilton o'hare
The view of the airport did not disappoint! For you aviation photographers who are curious, this is a 100mm shot so I can imagine that a 400mm lens would be perfect from this vantage point.
view from room hilton o'hare
Just for comparisons sake, here’s the morning view showing that the sun is in an ideal location for morning photography from here.

The decor of the room was nice. Not “wow” nice, but just nice – typical of a Hilton I suppose. Of all the airport Hiltons I’ve stayed at, I’d give the “style and design” win to the one at Knoxville Airport in Tennessee. This one here at ORD seemed a touch dated, but it was quite comfortable nonetheless.

Hilton O'Hare king bed
Large (and comfortable) king bed.
hilton O'Hare room decor
View looking the other way with the windows behind me.
Hilton O'Hare bed pillows
Decent pillow collection – and not over the top as I experienced during my stay at the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental in Mexico City last month.
hilton ORD large tv
Large TV stand with integrated dresser drawers and mini-bar.
hilton O'hare in room amenities
Coffee machine, ice bucket, and drink glasses on the mini-bar.
hilton O'hare in room amenities
Another view – nothing special here, just showing detail! 🙂
Hilton O'Hare in room recliner
I’m not much of a fan of leather chairs, but this recliner was quite comfortable.
Hilton O'Hare room decor
Simple and clean decor is always best IMHO.
Hilton O'hare alarm clock
“Simple and clean” are not words to describe this alarm clock though. Why do hotel room alarm clocks need to be this complicated?
hilton O'Hare room wide angle
Wide angle view of the entire room.
hilton O'hare hotel bathroom
The bathroom was a slight disappointment for me. It was perfectly clean and usable, but I thought it looked a bit dark and outdated.
hilton chicago O'Hare bathroom sink
The sink. As you can see, nothing too fancy here.
hilton O'Hare bathroom
Days Inn or Hilton? The bathtub (and decor) could use a refresh IMHO.
Hilton O'Hare shower head
Obligatory shower head pic for those of you like me who care about this sort of thing!
Peter Thomas Roth amenities
Complimentary Peter Thomas Roth amenities in the bathroom.

Room service options were good. The menu was extensive, and I found the food to be decent.

hilton O'Hare room service breakfast
In-room breakfast on my first morning. Expensive – but tasty.
hilton O'Hare room service breakfast
Room service for dinner on my second night: cheeseburger and french fries. Not bad!

So all in all, how did I feel about paying $230/night for this room? Pretty good actually – once I saw the view.

overlooking O'Hare airport from Hilton hotel
The views of O’Hare from this hotel are top notch.

That view is what made this experience so memorable for me, and if you want the same thing, make sure that you request a room on a higher floor (7 or above). Without the excellent view of the airport, I definitely would’t have been so happy with the cost considering there are a plethora of other good airport hotels surrounding O’Hare airport that are much cheaper. None are located as conveniently as this one of course, but it’s possible to save a lot of money by choosing something just a bit farther away.

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