Grand Naniloa Hotel, Hilo

Grand Naniloa Hotel, Hilo

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09. Grand Naniloa Hotel, Hilo
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One of the best things about travel is the way that resets the perception of the world around me. I’ve heard a lot about Hilo over the years, and I always imagined it to be a high-end place with luxury hotels and fancy restaurants propped up on every corner. It seemed a bit more exotic to me than other places in Hawaii, and I was really looking forward to going and seeing what it was all about.

What I found is not quite what I had been envisioning my mind. Sure was nice, and very beautiful, but high-end it was not. It’s not like I was expecting everyone to be driving around in Rolls-Royces, but I think that my expectations were much too high. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of money in Hilo, and it felt like a working-class neighborhood more than anything else. I’m not complaining though. Hilo is stunningly beautiful, and I enjoyed every minute of my stay.

Grand Naniloa Hotel map
Location map of the Grand Naniloa Hotel in Hilo.

Interestingly enough, there aren’t really that many nice hotels around the airport. You would think that for a big-time vacation destination such as this, the major hotel brands to be tripping over themselves to have luxury properties on every available plot of land. But it’s not like that. The Grand Naniloa Hotel was the only one that I found that looked halfway decent and was within walking distance to the airport. Okay, walking distance is a bit of a stretch, but it is nearby and within a five minute taxi drive (which will cost you $15 one-way).

So yeah. Choosing a hotel for my stay in Hilo was very easy. Not entirely satisfying, but very easy due to the lack of other options. The pictures on looked good, so what the heck. I decided to give it a shot.

The Grand Naniloa Hotel is actually a Doubletree by Hilton. Thank God for that though because underneath I could tell that this is an old structure that had been brought back from the dead. Hilton did a pretty good job of coming in and sprucing things up though, but it’s easy to see that at its core, this hotel is been here for a while and it hasn’t always been quite this nice. The surrounding area is not as luxurious and nice as I was expecting and if it weren’t for the Hilton brand name on the sign, I’m not even sure that I would want to stay here. But since there are no other options as nice as this near the airport, this is as good as it gets.

Pulling up to the hotel was a very Hawaiian experience. There are no front doors here. Everything is wide open to take advantage of the warm gentle Hawaiian Tradewinds, and the breeze moving through the main lobby felt really good. Ahh, welcome to the islands.

Grand Naniloa Hotel entrance
Welcome to the Grand Naniloa Hotel!
Grand Naniloa Hotel lobby
Main lobby of the Grand Naniloa Hotel.
Open air lobby grand Naniloa hotel hilo
I love the open air lobby!
Grand Naniloa Hotel Hallway
Guest room hallway. So far so good.
Grand Naniloa room 422
Room 422 was mine for the night.
Grand Naniloa Hotel Room
Walking into the room for the first time. Feels quite Hawaii-like…
Grand Naniloa Hotel Bed
Much more bed than I actually needed, but it worked.
Grand Naniloa Hotel Room wide angle
Here’s the wide angle view so you can see the entire room.
Grand Naniloa Hotel Room furniture
Looking the other way towards the front corner.
Grand Naniloa Hotel room
And the wide angle view. Hopefully both these narrow and wide angle views are useful!
Grand Naniloa Hotel room furniture
The furniture is basic and IKEA-like, but still quite nice.
Grand Naniloa room Hilo
Heres the view looking the other way.
Grand Naniloa room design
The view looking towards the door.
Main entryway
For some reason the entryway reminded me of an industrial kitchen. Just sayin’.
Grand Naniloa hotel bedside
Neat and orderly. Just the way I like it!
Grand Naniloa hotel details
These kinds of pics are probably equivalent to the safety card pics I post in my flight reports (not very useful but necessary to make a complete review), so I really hope that at least one of you will appreciate the effort.
Grand Naniloa Hotel Wall hanging
The photo above the bed gave me the urge to don a hula skirt and dance…
Grand Naniloa Hotel Bathroom
The bathroom was large, though a bit dark.
Grand Naniloa Hotel bathroom decor
I’m not a bathroom snob or anything, but it did seem too formal and not matching with the Hawaiian flavor of the rest of the room.
Grand Naniloa Hotel Bathroom style
The shower was a bit dark and dreary as well.

The room itself was quite nice actually. Clean and modern, bright and large. Can’t beat that right? The outdoor patio with large glass doors was a bonus, and it was nice to sit outside and relax and watch the sun go down.

Grand Naniloa hotel room view
The view from the patio.
Grand Naniloa Hotel Pool
Looking down on the pool from the balcony.
Grand Naniloa Hotel View from room
The view wasn’t all that interesting in all directions though.

The only downside to the room was the fact that there was a bit of a bug problem. Yes, that’s right. Bugs. More specifically, ants…and I didn’t even notice them until I came back into the room from getting dinner and started to eat at the desk. It was then that the ants came out of the woodwork and would not leave me alone until I finished my meal. I hate bugs, and the thought of sleeping with ants crawling all over me was hard to deal with. All I could do was put my trash in refrigerator, do a little anti-bug prayer, and try to put it out of my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

Grand Naniloa Hotel floor plan
Grand Naniloa Hotel floor plan.

Speaking of food, the only real dining option in this hotel is a basement restaurant which looked a little bit too formal for my tastes. One brief look at it and I knew it was not for me. My T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops were simply no match for the bright white table cloths and fine silverware – I was forced to find other options. Luckily there are some take-out restaurants within walking distance of the hotel (if you consider a 30-minute round-trip walk as “walking distance”), and I was able to find a nice Vietnamese meal at a decent price.

Grand Naniloa Hotel Lounge
The outdoor lounge on the back side of the hotel.
The view from the lounge
The view from the lounge.

While the Grand Naniloa Hotel was not quite what I was expecting, it worked. It was okay. Actually, it was not that all bad and I wouldn’t have a problem staying here again the next time I come to Hilo. Not because I enjoyed my experience so much, but because there simply aren’t any other options that are worth looking at.

As a matter of fact, the next time I come to Hilo I’m probably going to do the thing. Renting a house or condo seems like a much better idea than staying at a slightly overpriced and not-that-luxurious hotel such as this, and I would only recommend staying here if you need to be close to the airport for an early flight.

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