Frankfurt Airport Hilton

Frankfurt Airport Hilton

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I’ve only been to Frankfurt one other time in my life, and to be quite honest, I didn’t really feel that the downtown area was all that interesting. Don’t give me wrong – I really like Germany, and I consider it to be one of my favorite countries, but Frankfurt just didn’t do it for me. I found it to be too business-centric and lacking the history and culture that other German cities tend to be completely drenched with, and it left me feeling a bit empty inside.

I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that the entire city was pretty much demolished during World War II, and a lot of the old architecture is long gone. It’s a very modern place with not much soul – kind of like most large cities in the US.

I’m telling you all this because I needed to explain why I chose to stay at the airport instead of trying to find a charming little hotel downtown. “You mean you flew all the way to Germany and stayed at the airport?!” Darn right I did. Besides, I was only staying one night and I had a very early flight in the morning that I needed to catch, so staying very near to the airport was the most convenient option.

A quick look on revealed the Hilton to be the best choice – at least in terms of visual appearance. The pictures of this place looked really good, and a scary as it may sound, that’s all I need to make a hotel choice. If the pics look good, I’m in. Normally this works pretty well, but I did get burned last May with my decision to stay at the Miami Airport Hotel. That was a total letdown. Let’s see how I fared this time…

Frankfurt airport hilton location
The location of this hotel couldn’t be any more convenient. Located directly adjacent to terminal 1 and you don’t even need to go outside to reach it.

My flight from San Diego arrived about noon, and by the time I got out of passport control and customs, it took about 10 minutes to walk to the entrance to the Hilton. The nice thing is that this hotel is located adjacent to terminal 1, which was super convenient considering it was the one I had just flown into.

I didn’t even have to go outside to reach it, which would be awesome in the winter time, but less so in the middle of summer like it was when I was there. Those huge glass and metal walkways may look pretty, but it’s like walking through a greenhouse and I was dripping in sweat by the time I reached the front desk.

The Squaire Frankfurt airport
The Hilton is located adjacent to terminal 1 in a structure known as “The Squaire” – one of the most impressive structures I’ve seen in a long time!
Frankfurt airport Hilton entrance
Welcome to the Hilton Frankfurt Airport! Such a sight to see for a weary traveler’s eyes (like mine that day).
 Frankfurt airport Hilton hotel lobby
Looking back at the doors I just entered through. The check in desk is on the right, a fancy lounge / restaurant to the left.

Thankfully, despite it being a bit early (1pm at this point) they were able to check me in without any issues. That was such a relief. I didn’t feel much like hanging out waiting for my room to be ready, and I definitely didn’t have the energy to go into the city yet.

First impressions of the Hilton Frankfurt Airport were pretty good. As a matter fact, I was actually quite impressed darn near immediately. This is a fairly new structure, and all the glass and metal in the lobby gave it a very high-end appearance.

I especially liked all the natural light coming in through the windows in the roof, which was pretty much opposite of the dark and dreary Park Plaza Hotel in London I stayed at late last year. Natural light is a powerful thing, and it was nice to see them embrace it so fully here.

 Frankfurt airport Hilton hotel elevator
Pretty nice overview of the lobby on the ride up the glass elevator.
 Hilton Frankfurt airport hotel hallway
After really long flights, these hotel hallways start looking the same…
 Room 7170 Frankfurt airport Hilton
Room 7170. I’m not even through the front door yet and I already feel like crashing. It’s good to be home.
Frankfurt airport Hilton room
Opening the door and…ooh, this looks pretty good.
 Frankfurt airport Hilton Bed
That bed looks much too tempting. I must try and resist for at least several more hours though.
 Frankfort Hilton airport room overview
Here’s a wide angle view of what the entrance experience is like.
 Hilton Frankfurt airport comfortable bed
That bed though. I swear I heard it calling my name more than once (in a thick German accent of course).
 Hilton Frankfurt airport room details
This is the view looking forward towards the front wall.
 Frankfurt airport hotel nice bed
Damn that bed. You have no idea how badly I wanted to fall face down into that, forget the review entirely, and sleep for days.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton room overview
Wide angle shot of the same view, which shows the overall size of the room. Not so big as you can see, but still comfy.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton room colors
Looking towards the door from deep inside the room.
Wide angle view of the room
Wide angle shot from the same view showing the mini bar area to the left.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton room furniture
That chair looked really cool but it was horribly uncomfortable.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton room style
The right decor can make a small space seem much larger than it really is. I liked the design of this place!
Frankfurt Airport Hilton carpet
Even the zebra-skin pattern on the carpet was cool.
Frankfurt airport Hilton mini bar
The mini bar and coffee station. The perfect place to empty my pockets after 24 hours of traveling (it’s always amazing what ends up in there).
Frankfurt Airport Hilton mini bar and refrigerator
Right below that in the cabinet was a well-stocked mini bar. I’ve always wondered how much money hotels make from these things, but I’m willing to bet it’s quite profitable.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton desk
So nice to see a glass desk in a hotel room for a change!
Frankfurt airport Hilton room textures and patterns
Between the zebra-skin floor pattern and the halftone dot pattern on this desk, there was quite a bit of visual stimulation going on in here.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton floor plan
Overall floor plan of the hotel.

I found the room to be quite stylish and very comfortable overall, but for the love of God, I wished they would have turned the air conditioning down just a little bit. It was frustrating to turn up the thermostat to its highest (hottest) setting, only to feel very little effect of that change coming out of the vents.

No matter what I set the temperature to be, it continued spewing miserably cold air and I was convinced that it was going to start snowing at one point. At least that gave me the opportunity to try out the complementary bath towels. One was enough to keep me warm that evening, though I actually did consider putting the second one on.

Hilton Frankfurt airport bathroom
One of the better Hilton bathrooms I’ve seen in a while.
Hilton Frankfurt hotel bathroom
Bright, large, and clean. I’m not a fan of the color scheme, but this is still pretty snazzy IMHO.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton hotel bathroom
It’s nice that they used glass partitions in here – makes it feel big and open. The tile reminds me of a snake though. Just sayin’.
Frankfurt airport Hilton shower
There wasn’t a door on this shower, which the American in me found a bit awkward. Showers are a lot less fun when you are worrying about getting the entire bathroom wet!
Frankfurt Airport Hilton towel rack
Nice little details everywhere in here.
Hilton Frankfurt airport bathroom sink
I’m not entirely sure if I love or hate that sink though.
Frankfurt Airport Hilton full size tub
There’s also a full size tub in here. I almost tried it out, but I couldn’t resist the urge to sleep instead.
Frankfurt airport Hilton bathroom overview
Here’s a wide angle view of the bathroom showing the entirety of the space.

Two final things to note about my stay here at the Airport Hilton. First, there is a grocery store located not far from the entrance of the hotel (within The Squaire) that is simply phenomenal. The self-serve salad bar was where I got dinner that evening, and for roughly 7 dollars (US), I had a healthy and huge meal which was highly satisfying.

If salad bars aren’t quite your thing, there are a multitude of other little cafés and restaurants immediately nearby. You won’t have to go far to find food near this hotel, and all of it is reachable without going outside.

The second thing worth noting was the fact that this is a very quiet property. I went to bed at 7 PM due to being overwhelmed by jet leg and the need to wake up at 4 AM the next morning, and it was dead silent the entire time.

Even though there are several other hotels located adjacent to Frankfurt airport, I wouldn’t be so tempted to try any others after the experience that I had here. The Frankfurt Airport Hilton is very convenient and very comfortable, and I could definitely see myself staying here again without even thinking twice. Two thumbs up from SANspotter.

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