Delta Sky Club, terminal 4 JFK

Delta Sky Club, terminal 4 JFK

Visiting the Delta Sky Club in Terminal 4 at JFK was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. During the entire taxi ride to the airport, I was anticipating how good the Delta One lounge was going to be. But once I arrived at the airport, I learned that there won’t be a Delta One lounge here until sometime next year. Darn! Oh well – I have heard that the regular Sky Club here was pretty good, so once again I was feeling a sense of curious anticipation as set off in search of it.

I walked. And walked. And walked. Long story short, the Sky Club located in Terminal 4 is located nearly at the end of the terminal, so be prepared to walk if you want to check it out for yourself. I highly recommend it though, as Delta Sky Clubs are almost always worth it.

My spirits were slightly low as I walked through the signature blue sliding glass doors at the entrance to the lounge, but was quickly blown away once I walked up the stairs and saw the place with my own eyes. The size of this lounge is amazing!

jfk terminal 4 sky club entrance
Entrance to the Sky Club here in terminal 4. Which, if we are comparing the entrances of the lounges here at JFK, beats the snot out of the American Airlines Flagship Lounge located over in terminal 8.
escalators up to the lounge
The lounge is located on the upper level so once past the main doors you need to hoof it upstairs

Feeling relieved once I was inside, I did a quick tour to get a sense of what this lounge had to offer. It was broken up into many rooms (both large and small), with a well-stocked business center and a nice “quiet room” with recliner chairs and flat screen TVs.

jfk sky club interior
This is the main room, which contains the bar and dining area. Self serve food is forward to the left.
delta sky club terminal 4 jfk
One of the smaller rooms – but as you can see, the big windows let in a lot of really nice natural light
seating options delta sky club terminal 4 jfk
The interior rooms offered a bit more private seating options, though it was a bit darker in here. Fun fact: those same cube chairs (on the right) can be found in the SFO American Express Centurion Lounge as well. Thrilling bit of trivia, eh?
jfk sky club quiet room
And for those that prefer complete peace and quiet, this “quiet room” would fit the bill nicely.
delta sky club seating options
I really liked the wide variety of seating options in this lounge
semi-private seating delta sky club
Yet another style of semi-private seating (with nice views of the action outside!)
delta sky club business center
The business center – with a view!
delta sky club sky deck jfk
The Sky Deck looked like a nice place to hang out if the weather was warmer
delta sky deck closed
Unfortunately it was closed today

Food options seemed decent. There was a small snack bar with two kinds of hot soups and a large bowl of boiled eggs when I arrived, along with a smaller bar consisting of simple snack items. I thought that seemed a bit weak, but I should mention that they brought out a plethora of other free hot-food items a couple hours later. I guess the point to be made here is that whether or not there will be food here is kind of a hit-or-miss thing. If you want a drink of any kind, you have to go to the bar.

jfk sky club food
A closer look at the self-serve food bar

In addition to the free light snacks, there was a full menu of heartier for-purchase food available that looked pretty good too. You could either order in-person via one of the many menus sitting around on the tables, or you could use the self-serve kiosk to order and purchase your selection.

I chose to use the kiosk, and it seemed to work well except for the fact that it seemed to be taking a long time to have my order delivered to my table. I finally had to ask one of the staff members walking around to see if something was wrong with my order. She went to the back to check, and emerged with my meal in less than 30 seconds.

jfk delta sky club menu
Self-serve kiosk (iPad, actually) for ordering food
ordering food jfk sky club
Placing an order for a veggie wrap

It was a pretty good veggie wrap, but nothing I would consider really great. I was hungry, it tasted decent, and that was all that really mattered.

self serve food delta sky club jfk
My “appetizer” (from the self-serve bar) while I waited for the veggie wrap
veggie wrap delta sky club jfk
Here it is: the overpriced veggie wrap! It was ok – but far too salty for my tastes.

The only downside to this lounge seemed to be all the noise coming from the kitchen at times. They sounded like a rowdy bunch back there and I did find it to be a bit distracting. Not a deal breaker though – just a minor complaint that’s all.

dining area sky club lounge
Just a few more pics of this space as I made my way out of the lounge – this is the view of the dining area from another angle
delta sky club dining area
And here’s a view from across the room looking towards the spot of the last photo
flight information display wall
I love the use of the color red in Delta’s Sky Clubs. Here’s the flight information display wall.
newspaper racks
Magazine and newspaper racks are located adjacent to the check in desk
Delta Sky Club signage
Delta Sky Club signage

To sum things up, this Delta Sky Club really impressed me. The San Diego Delta Sky Club has been my favorite Delta lounge up until now, but this one at JFK is just like that one but x10. Well done Delta!

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