Calgary Marriott In-Airport Hotel

Calgary Marriott In-Airport Hotel

01. Introduction: Let’s see if Canada will let me in…
02. WestJet 737-700 main cabin SAN-YYC
03. Dear Canada: why are your border agents so mean?
04. Courtyard Calgary Airport
05. Calgary Marriott In-Airport Hotel
06. WestJet 737-700 main cabin YYC-SAN

My primary goal for choosing this hotel for my second (and last) night in Calgary was so that I could sleep in a bit before catching my 10:30am flight back to San Diego. The morning of my last trip required me to get up at 3:30am in order to catch an early flight and it was such a miserable experience that I vowed never to voluntarily do that again. I’m getting too old for stuff like that! Thankfully the Marriott in-airport hotel here at YYC is conveniently located in the terminal, so there’s no need to mess with the hassles of getting to the airport. You wake up and you’re already there!

Of all the in-ariport hotels I’ve ever stayed in, this was one of the best. It felt like it was brand new – or at least recently renovated. And the best part? The views. Oh, those views! I had reserved a high-floor room with an “airport view”, and I was not disappointed. The hotel is attached directly to the main terminal (not set back like the Westin DTW and O’Hare Hilton) with windows that directly overlook the gates. I’ve never been this close to the action at any airport hotel I’ve ever stayed at!

The entrance to the Marriott YYC is large, grand, and very bright. It didn’t seem all that busy when I arrived (at about 5:20pm on a Saturday evening), and there was no waiting to check in. The woman who checked me in was happy, helpful, and fast – all three things essential for a great customer experience. She even walked me to the elevators, which was totally unnecessary but a nice friendly gesture.

Marriott YYC hotel
Just follow the signs to the Marriott YYC in-airport hotel.
marriott hotel yyc airport
The Marriott is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention – the entrance is up just ahead on the right.
marriott hotel yyc airport lobby
This is certainly one of the nicest airport Marriotts I’ve ever seen! Here is what you see upon walking through the main entrance. The check in desks are along the back wall, with the restaurant to the left.
marriott YYC main lobby
The lobby was really impressive. Here I am looking towards the bar and restaurant.
marriott YYC main lobby
This is a Marriott? Really? If the lobby looks this nice, I can only imagine what the room is going to look like…
marriott YYC lobby
The overall size of the lobby was impressive as well. This is a big hotel!
marriott YYC hotel print boarding pass
I really appreciated this computer setup which was for printing boarding passes. It came in handy the next morning before my flight back to SAN.
marriott yyc airport hotel
Alright, now lets check out that room! Here’s the 6th floor guest room hallway.
marriott YYC hotel room 635
635 was my room for the night.

Upon entering the room, I did pretty much what any serious aviation geek would do: run to the windows to check out that view! The rest of the room matters not in cases like this, and I didn’t even notice anything but the view from the window for the first 5 minutes of my stay. Once the high started wearing off (lol), I turned around to have a good look at the rest of the room. But, first, let’s check out that awesome view shall we?

my view from the marriott YYC airport hotel
I love pulling back the curtains to reveal amazing sights such as this. Wow!!
view from airport marriott yyc calgary
With views like this I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep well that night…
marriott YYC hotel room view
YYC isn’t a very busy airport, but standing right on top of the action like this (wearing nothing but my underwear) was quite an experience. AvGeek heaven!
marriott yyc hotel review
This is a hotel review after all, so let’s pull back bit and have a look at the rest of the room. That bed sure was comfy!
marriott yyc hotel review
As far as Marriott’s go, I found this one to be quite modern and stylish.
marriott yyc hotel review
These chairs came in handy after I turned them around to sit and watch airplanes all evening.
marriott yyc hotel review
This Marriott had a very “Westin” feel thanks to the white linens and dark brown wood accents.
marriott yyc hotel review
Simple. Clean. Well designed. Just my style!
marriott yyc hotel review
I found the asymmetry of the desk / TV / closet to be very well designed. Not very traditional, but cool nonetheless.
marriott yyc hotel review
Even the alarm clock was hip and cool. Hard to believe this is an airport Marriott!
marriott yyc hotel review
That bed felt so amazing after a long day of driving out to Lake Louise and back!
marriott yyc hotel review
I can’t say enough good things about the style and design of this room – loads of good design here which I really liked.
marriott yyc hotel review
Here’s a wide angle shot of the entire room, looking towards the windows.
marriott yyc hotel review
And here’s the view looking the other way towards the door.
marriott yyc hotel review
The bathroom. All I was muttering at this point was “this is really a Marriott?” over and over again…
marriott yyc hotel review
Bathroom fixtures are where many hotels get cheap, but there weren’t any corners cut here. This is a really nice bathroom!
marriott yyc hotel review
While simple, the size of the shower was perfect.
marriott yyc hotel review
Lots of room to spread out next to the toilet!
marriott yyc hotel review
Nice presentation of the bathroom amenities here.
marriott yyc hotel review
Complimentary amenities.
marriott yyc hotel review
Finally, a wide angle pic of the entire bathroom. Well done Marriott!

As you can see, this is a very nice Marriott. I’ve never had many nice things to say about airport Marriott hotels, as most of the ones I have stayed at have felt dark and dreary with no sense of style at all (*cough*IAH Marriott*cough*). Such was not the case with this property. If I didn’t know it was a Marriott, I would have been floored if someone told me after the fact. The entire experience felt a bit more high-end than I would expect for this brand, and that was a very encouraging thing to see. Is this the direction that Marriott is heading? I would sure hope so.

I was really hungry upon arrival, and the limited room service menu (which was on the TV, not on paper) disappointed me a bit so I knew that I would have to venture downstairs find another option. Luckily the menu of the onsite restaurant looked really good so that’s where I had dinner.

marriott YYC restaurant
The on site restaurant (located just off the lobby) was good – though a bit pricey.
marriott YYC restaurant
I was trying to be healthy by ordering a turkey breast sandwich, but it came with an irresistible pile of french fries…

For aircraft spotters and photographers, the Marriott YYC is a very (very) good place to sit and watch airplanes. I was able to get a lot of good pics of aircraft parked at the nearest gates with just a 105mm lens, but you’ll need more reach than that for aircraft taxiing past in the distance. 300-400mm would be perfect, though not required to have a very satisfying experience here.

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