British Airways 747’s and Delta Airlines L-1011’s at SAN

I’m starting to become a regular aviation photographer at SAN, trekking my way over there about once a week in hopes of getting some good pics. I’m not going to post all of my pictures here on this blog, but I’m doing what I can to show you some of the more interesting aircraft that I’ve shot recently. There are a couple that are worth noting.

First up is a picture of a Delta Airlines L-1011 with service from ATL. Delta is only sending the L-1011 to SAN this month, with no plans to return after that. I recall Delta L-1011 service from SAN to Hawaii back in the mid 90’s, but that was before I had moved to California and way before I became a hardcore spotter and photographer.  Anyway, the picture I got here was shot from the very end of terminal 2 (in the Delta gate area) just as it came rolling off runway 27 just after arrival. I didn’t expect it to use the entire runway to come to a stop, so I got lucky there – I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

As luck would have it, a few months prior I had booked a trip to PBI from SAN (connecting in ATL) on Delta for later this month. At the time of booking, the scheduled aircraft on the SAN-ATL segment was a 767-300 – but I scored big time when I realized that they had swapped it with this L-1011 service. I’m not usually so lucky when it comes to aircraft swaps! Anyway, I’ll post some in-flight pics from that trip when I return.

America West 757-200 Arizona Cardinals Livery

Delta Airlines L-1011-385-1

Delta Airlines MD-88

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines 737-300

Another interesting aircraft I shot today was a British Airways 747-400 in the 1980’s Landor-designed livery. This is the only photograph I have ever taken of a British Airways jet wearing these colors, and I must say that it is my favorite BA livery of all time. I’m not really a big fan of 1970’s and 80’s cheat-line liveries, but this one still looks sharp to me.

Other aircraft I got pictures of were an America West 757-200 in the Arizona Cardinals livery, A Delta Airlines MD-88 (rare in San Diego), 757-200, and 737-300. Overall, I was very pleased with my shots from today. I was especially glad to get pics of that L-1011!

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