Back to LAX for more in-terminal photography

Since starting this blog, I’m starting to understand why I put so many miles on my car. I hadn’t realized how often I driven up to LAX from San Diego for these photo shoots! San Diego to LAX is kind of a long drive – about two hours with normal traffic (one way) and hundreds of miles. The longest I recall it ever taking was 4 hours one-way in heavy traffic. That was the worst. Anyway, I am a determined young lad, that’s for sure.

In-terminal airliner photography isn’t so bad at LAX, but the north complex is much better than the south. I hardly ever spend time in the south terminals (United, Delta, Continental, etc), because it is impossible to take pictures of any taxiing aircraft headed to and from runway 25 without shooting directly into the sun. On the north side (Southwest, Alaska, USAirways, etc), the sun is at a much better angle for shooting traffic on the 24’s. The only downside to this is shooting through dirty windows – I don’t know what it was about LAX, but I’ve never seen dirtier windows at any other airport than this one. Seriously – it’s gross. The Tom Bradley International terminal isn’t so bad though.

Southwest Airlines 737-700 Nevada One Livery

USAirways A319

USAirways A319

Malaysia Airlines 747-400

Hawaiian Airlines DC-10

Delta Airlines 767-400

I think I got some fairly decent pictures today: a Hawaiian Airlines DC-10, TWA 767-300, Delta Airlines 767-400, and a Southwest Airlines 737-700 in the Nevada One livery (among others). It was definitely a good day at LAX, and well worth the drive.

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