Back to LAX for another photo session from the Proud Bird Restaruant

It may appear from these photos that I am starting to learn a thing or two about aviation photography. The angles look pretty good, and even the weather is pretty nice. And what do you know? I even managed to photograph the lit side of the aircraft. Do I consider myself a pro yet? Hardly. My crappy Fuji MX-2900 is still my primary camera, and I need to pay more attention to the weather – but I’m just excited to be out at the airport taking pics. On top of that, it’s pretty hard to pick a bad spot to photograph at LAX during the winter. The light is good just about all over and this vantage point from the Proud Bird restaurant is just about as good as it got for LAX.

Anyway, I’m looking at these pics now just feeling regrettable that I don’t use a “real” camera. There’s some really good stuff here: a Tower Air 747-200, a TWA 767-200 (in the final livery), and a gorgeous Delta Airlines L-1011-385-3 just to name a few. Geez – what I wouldn’t give to have these images shot with a proper camera with quality glass instead of my terrible 2MP Fuji MX-2900. For all you young guys and gals just getting started in the aviation photography hobby, learn from my mistakes! Shoot with the best camera equipment you can afford!

Anyway, on with the pics. In addition to the aircraft I mentioned above, there is also the following: an Atlas Air 747-200F, an Air New Zealand 747-400, a Delta Airlines 767-200 and a Delta Airlines 757-200.

TWA 767-200

Delta Airlines L-1011-385-3

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines 767-200

Air New Zealand 747-400

Atlas Air 747-200F

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