Back home to southern California and some aviation photography at LAX

In late April I was fortunate to be assigned to a project at work that required a trip out to San Diego to do some research. I pretty much fell out of my chair when that assignment was handed to me, as I am feeling very homesick for San Diego. So yeah…I was very much looking forward to heading out west – even if it was for work purposes.

My flights were on American Airlines via STL, and oddly enough I didn’t take any pictures along the way. I flew SBN-STL on an ATR 42, then connected to an MD-82 for the run out to SAN. The return trip was identical. Not a very exotic routing and aircraft combination but I was a happy boy. It was a free trip to the homeland!

I managed to pad in a few extra days into my work schedule so that I could take some time off and just enjoy being in SoCal. One of the things I was really looking forward to was some time up at LAX for some photography! But I didn’t spend too much time up there – the weather wasn’t that great (May Gray was in full effect), and it was quite a long drive from San Diego. But I went anyway, and I managed to get some pics. Here are few examples from the collection:

Frontier Airlines 737-300

Malaysia Airlines 747-400

Southwest Airlines 737-700

All of these photographs were taken from the Tom Bradley International terminal. I really love to sit in that cafe with the big windows that overlook the taxiways linking the north and south ends of the field. It is definitely one of my favorite aviation photography spots.

On this photo trip, I didn’t manage to catch anything interesting. The Northwest Airlines DC-10 (N162US) was my favorite, and the Malaysia Airlines 747-400 was cool too – too bad it’s such a gloomy picture! But hey – even though the weather was bad and the traffic wasn’t interesting, I was happy as could be sitting there taking pics.

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