Problem solved! These are the BEST aviation gifts for her:

Problem solved! These are the BEST aviation gifts for her:

One of the things that surprises me the most about the aviation hobby is that it’s fairly equal weighted between men and women. I know just as many female AvGeeks as I do male, which is something that I never would’ve expected before really getting into this. Anyway, just like guys, girls like to receive gifts centered around their hobbies as well. And without further adieu, here are my ideas for the best aviation gifts for her.

Oh – if you happen to stumble upon this article looking for airline and airplane related gifts for the guys, do you be sure to check out the aviation gifts for him article I wrote a few months ago. That article (just like this one), will be updated frequently. Do be sure to check back often for a fresh batch of ideas from time to time.

Vietnam Airlines business class chocolates
Chocolate – with airline logos! I mean, really. Is there any point of going any further? (This particular Vietnam Airlines business class flight was spectacular, btw).

Aviation gifts for her vs. him

I know what you’re thinking. As a matter fact, I’m thinking it too as I’m sitting here starting to write out this list of ideas. However, let’s be real here – girls and boys can be very different, and they approach their hobbies somewhat differently.

  • Guys tend to be more expressive when showing love for their hobbies. I know this, because I’m a guy, and I would think nothing of painting a mural of a DC-3 or something on an entire wall in my house. Yeah, there might be some women out there who would love to do the same, but based on my observations, I’m thinking that the percentage would be far less.
  • From my perspective, women are slightly more reserved when it comes to showing love and appreciation for the aviation hobby. Little gadgets and trinkets are the most popular items, as well as subtle clothing and home decor.

Before going to deep with this point (and burying myself in a deep hole I can’t dig myself out of), let’s just get into my list of the top 10 aviation gifts for her:

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OK, I know. Luggage isn’t exactly considered an “aviation gift” in its most basic form, but hear me out on this. Aviation enthusiasts love to travel. Nothing makes them happier then hopping on a plane and heading off to some far-off destination with no real purpose in mind. Heck, even a flight as short Las Vegas to Reno can be exciting. I know this, because it’s exciting to me, and I’d likely be even more excited if I had a swanky piece of luggage to go along for the ride.

Again, I’m not a girl, but I think we can all agree that women tend to be more fashion-conscious than the guys. They will always put a higher value on a stylish suitcase than a guy would.

Yup. I’m digging a pretty deep hole for myself by making assumptions which are borderline “ignorantly stereotypical”, but I’m holding firm with my assumptions. Here are an assortment of suitcases that I think any female aviation enthusiast would love to pull around an airport.

Throw pillows

Be honest. Do you know of any female on this planet that doesn’t have pillows lying around everywhere? Whether they be on the sofa, piled up in the corner somewhere, or covering her bed – pillows are everywhere in a woman’s home and we men have absolutely no say in the matter. It is what it is.

Why not encourage this obsession with some aviation-themed pillows which they can add to their collection? In my opinion, this is one of the best “aviation gifts for” her on this list.

Diecast airplane models

Scale models of airplanes is an excellent gift idea which is not gender specific. Both guys and gals love having diecast models of their favorite aircraft sitting on display, and it’s the perfect gift for all types of aviation enthusiasts.

One thing to note about the selections that I’m going to be showing below: the diecast aircraft model scene is massive, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of items to choose from. Here are my recommendation for whittling down the choices for the female aviation enthusiast(s) on your list:

  • 1:200 is the most widely loved scale for scale airplane models.
  • Brands such as GeminiJets and Inflight are the best quality (and most desirable)
  • While it’s always good to give an aviation enthusiast the exact model of their favorite aircraft type and / or airline, the truth is that it doesn’t really matter all that much. Any aviation enthusiast (male or female) would love receiving any type of diecast airplane model.

That being said, the following list is a collection of my recommendations for female aviation and airline enthusiasts:

Sidenote: based on my own personal observations, any airline model with a special livery featuring cartoon characters is generally going to be a big hit with her. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that before digging myself into another really deep (male chauvinistic) hole…

Posters and wall art

Yeah, I still stand firmly by what I said earlier in this post: Women (typically) tend to flaunt their love of aviation all over their walls less than men do. However, have you seen some of the awesome aviation related wall art that’s available these days? Some of that stuff is absolutely stunning, and completely worthy of hanging in the home of any aviation enthusiast (male or female).

My buddy Ryan from is a genius at this sort of thing, and he has created an entire line of posters and wall art suitable as the perfect aviation gift for her:

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Aviation-themed apparel

If you’ve been reading through this entire list so far and you’re still not sure what would be the perfect aviation gift for the female aviation enthusiast in your life, this is the section that will save you.

Women typically tend to put a higher emphasis on fashion than men do, and many retailers understand this. You may recall that I also suggested aviation-themed apparel in my list of the best aviation gifts for him several months ago. While I personally thought that is was a fantastic gift idea for the guys, I’m thinking that it’s a magnificently brilliant idea for the girls.

Again, has you covered in this regard. Ryan has arguably the best collection of aviation-themed apparel for women, and I highly suggest you check out some of the things that he has to offer.

Aviation-themed trinkets for the home

Who loves trinkets? Women do, that’s who! Oops, I’m digging holes again, so let me attempt to avert disaster by saying that yeah – guys love trinkets too. But…typically not as much as women do. Dang it…

Anyway, little trinkets and gadgets designed to be put on display around the home are a really good “aviation gifts for her” idea. This is because it’s a completely unlimited category, covering all sorts of sub-catagories (general aviation, airlines, military aircraft, etc).

Airplane-shaped salt and pepper shakers? A propeller letter opener? Think of nearly any gadget you can, and there is bound to be an aviation-related version of it. Your best option is to poke around Amazon a little bit, and it’s not gonna take you long to find some really clever objects for gift giving.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Book a flight for her

Just as I suggested in my list of the most perfect aviation gifts for guys, you just can’t go wrong by giving an aviation enthusiast airline tickets. Even if it’s just a short 30 minute flight on a small regional jet, there’s not a single aviation enthusiast on this planet that wouldn’t be highly appreciative of hopping on a plane and going somewhere. Anywhere.

american eagle e175 close up
Even if it’s a ride on an American Eagle E175, flying is flying and it’s gonna be fun.

If you’ve got deep pockets and lots of time, why not surprise her with a gift of a surprise trip to the other side of the planet?

If money and / or time is tight, an out-and-back day trip would be perfectly awesome as well. how cool would it be to hop on a plane just to go have lunch in a different city before coming right back home?

There’s an itinerary for nearly any kind of budget, so get creative with this – and most of all, have fun! The gift of flight is undeniably one of the best aviation gifts for her.

Airline gift cards

Related to the idea of gifting her with a surprise flight somewhere (that you can both enjoy together), another great option is to simply get her an airline gift card instead.Most airlines offer gift cards in various denominations, and even if all you can afford is to give $10 off her next airline ticket, it’s going to mean the world to her. I mean, who doesn’t like getting a discount on stuff?

Note that airline gift cards can be found just about anywhere. Here in my hometown of San Diego, nearly every grocery store has them in the checkout aisle. You can also find them online relatively easily.

Aviation-themed stationary

While most guys (including me) have moved on from the idea of sending physical cards through the mail to celebrate birthdays and holidays, women seem to be doing their best to keep this tradition alive. God bless them.

Women tend to be much better communicators than men, so why not help them out a little by giving them a supply of aviation-themed greeting cards they can send to friends and family? These cards can be used for a wide variety of occasions, and it’s an aviation gift that she can use throughout the entire year. Think of it as a gift that keeps on giving…

Airplane cookies

With my final aviation gift for her suggestion, I present to you a challenge:

In less than five seconds, name three female friends or family members that don’t like cookies.

I bet you can’t do it! I’m sure that there is some scientific data out there with all the juicy stats which explains why women like cookies so much, but I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s an undeniable fact. I don’t need to see no stinkin’data!

Pre landing snack JetBlue Mint
Even the flight attendants from my JFK-SAN JetBlue Mint flight back in 2017 would agree that cookies are the perfect aviation gift.

Anyway, giving the gift of aviation-themed cookies is pretty simple actually. Why not give her actual cookies? Whether it be hiring a local bakery to make them for you, buying them pre-made at the grocery store, or making them yourself, you just can’t go wrong with giving somebody a box of cookies shaped like little airplanes. It’s a genius gift actually.

And don’t even worry about the “make them yourself” option. Even if you are an absolute disaster in the kitchen (just like me), there are a multitude of tools available to help you create something great:

The really nice thing about aviation-themed baking supplies is that they make excellent gifts in and of themselves. You don’t even need to make anything for her (although you really should).

Oh – I should also probably mention that buying aviation themed cookies isn’t entirely necessary. Giving an aviation enthusiast a box of Biscoff Cookies will do the trick as well. Yep, these are the exact same cookies that are served as snacks on a wide variety of airlines, and they are known in the aviation community as the quintessential airplane food.

Final thoughts about finding the perfect aviation gift for girls

As you can see, this list isn’t all that much different than the list I made for the guys several months ago. Aviation enthusiasts are relatively the same no matter the gender.

There are minor differences though, and you’ll be a superstar in their eyes if you can give them a gift which matches their style and personality as closely as you can.

It should also be noted that everything on this list is suitable for all occasions. Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, Hanukkah, whatever. We aviation enthusiast love receiving airplane related gifts anytime of the year for any occasion, so give freely. Most importantly, give often.


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