Another quick trip to LAX for some in-terminal photography

I’m starting to realize that I enjoy taking pictures from inside the terminal more than shooting outside. The primary reason for this is that I don’t have much zoom range on my MX-2900, and shooting from inside means that I can get much closer to the aircraft. I also think that it is pretty darn convenient to be able to use the bathroom whenever I want, and there were always plenty of food choices available should I care to grab a bite to eat. Plus, the southern California sun can be brutal at times, so shooting from inside the airport means not having to deal with lathering on lots of sunscreen and trying to find a nice place in the shade.

I wandered around the airport today, and it was generally very nice weather at LAX. High clouds made for some interesting backdrops, and being winter meant that the low sun was pretty much offering good light all day long. I spent most of my time in terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4, and I ended up shooting a lot of pictures. I had two 32mb memory cards with me (I can’t afford more), but it did manage to last me several hours. Actually, I nearly ran out of battery power too

USAirways A319

Out of all the aircraft pictures I took, the two images attached to this post are the best of the bunch. The first one is a beautiful Trans World Airlines (TWA) 757-200 sitting at the gate just shortly before departing back to STL. The terminal windows were very dirty, but I took pics anyway as the opportunity was just too great. I really like the way this photo turned out, and it’s yet another one that I had wished I shot with a better camera. Oh well…

The second keeper shot from that day is a USAirways A319 sitting at the gate just moments after arrival from PIT or PHL (can’t remember). I think this livery is one of the sharpest airline color schemes out there today.

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