American Airlines A319 economy class Miami to San Diego

American Airlines A319 economy class Miami to San Diego

It only took five minutes of wandering around the main terminal here at MIA for me to realize that there aren’t many other airports in the continental US that are as busy and chaotic as this. McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is the absolute worst when it comes to trying to find a quiet spot to sit and relax while waiting for a flight, with LAX easily filling the number two spot.

I walked up and down Concourse D here at MIA 3 times before I finally gave in and sat down in the middle of a busy gate area for a flight that was departing to Philadelphia in 30 minutes. I should’ve stayed in the lounge.

Miami, FL (MIA) – San Diego, CA (SAN)
Monday, May 29, 2017
Aircraft: A319-132
Registration: N819AW
Duration: 5 hours, 8 minutes
Seat: 17D (economy class)

american airlines a319 side view by norebbo
American Airlines A319 (N819AW) side view illustration by This is an ex-America West aircraft!
miami to san diego route map
Our route from Miami to San Diego this morning: WINCO2 WINCO LAL SZW CEW MHZ ELD TXK SPS J72 ABQ J78 PKE LUCKI1
MIA airport interior
MIA really is a nice airport. FYI, despite what your sister’s best friend’s boyfriend says, 1 hour layovers are enough time in Miami (most of the time).
Miami international airport terminal
High ceilings (and lots of natural light) make this place feel like a proper international gateway.
Miami international airport floor design
Wading through the ocean, or just walking up and down concourse D at MIA? I’m digging this floor design!
MIA airport gate
The only place I could find to sit was with these fine folks going to PHL this morning. Thanks for sharing your gate space!

As I was sitting there trying to drown out the noise and chaos around me, I realized that this flight to San Diego had the exact same flight number as the flight two days ago from San Diego to Miami. Weird.

I know nothing about airline route management and scheduling, but it gives me a headache to think about how they manage to schedule two separate daily flights with an identical flight number. If there’s anyone who is reading this that works for a major airline and knows the answer as to why this happens, please let me know. I’m actually very curious!

Flight information board MIA airport
AA1815 to SAN showing an on time departure.

I arrived at the departure gate of this flight about 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and I didn’t feel much like sitting down. This was gonna be a long flight, so I didn’t mind standing and giving my legs every opportunity to stretch out before being crammed into a tiny economy class seat for five hours. At least I had an aisle seat for this flight, as that would allow me to get up and stretch whenever I felt the need.

American Airlines A319 Miami airport
That’s my ride to SAN out there through the double windows.
American Airlines mobile boarding pass
Just a few more minutes now and we can get out of here!
Boarding flight American Airlines MIA
Group 4 ready to board. Believe it or not there were a lot more boarding groups beyond 4 (I didn’t stick around long enough to see how many there really were).
Boarding flight to San Diego
Interesting shadows just before entering the jet bridge. The photographer in me finds stuff like this impossible to resist…
American Airlines jet bridge MIA
It’s always interesting checking out how different airports and airlines decorate their jet bridges. This one didn’t impress me. I’ve seen better.
SANspotter jet bridge selfie
Since I’ve got an aisle seat on this flight and there won’t be window pics, how about an extra pic of me walking down the jet bridge? I aim to be thorough!
American Airlines A319 Miami international airport
I was hoping to get a better pic of our A319 just before stepping onboard, but this was all that I could manage. Oh well.
American Airlines A319 boarding door
All aboard AA1815 to San Diego!

As far as domestic economy class flights go, this one couldn’t have been any more routine. Boarding was right on time. There was a little bit of congestion in the jet bridge. The airplane smelled like stale coffee and scented cleaning products. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened, which when it comes right down to it, is just how I like it for an early morning flight like this. Yes it does make for slightly dry trip reports, but it was early and I was tired, so the less drama the better.

American Airlines A319 interior
American Airlines A319 main cabin.
American Airlines A319 economy class seats
American Airlines A319 economy class seats.
American Airlines A319 seat design
I actually find these seats to be quite stylish. The red stripe in the headrest is a nice touch.
American Airlines a319 seat pitch
Its a bit claustrophobic back here in economy, but not too bad.
American Airlines a319 high seat backs
The high seat backs don’t help to make things feel very spacious.
American Airlines a319 cabin
It’s not impossible to look over those seat backs if you are at least 5′-10″ though. My condolences if you are shorter than that.
American Airlines a319 economy class leg room
Space for my knees!
American Airlines a319 safety card
Ok, I know we just did this in my SAN-MIA segment two days prior, but I’m aiming to be thorough again. Safety card check!
American Airlines a319 safety card inner cover
American Airlines A319 safety card inner cover.
American Airlines A319 safety card full interior
American Airlines A319 safety card full interior.
American Airlines a319 boarding
Just waiting for boarding to complete.

Voluntarily choosing an aisle seat means giving up any opportunity to look out the window. I know that. But I’ll never understand the kind of people who immediately close the window shade upon sitting down and don’t open it again until parked at the gate at the destination airport. The guy in 17F was that kind of guy unfortunately, and there was no natural light in our row for the entire journey across the country today.

Window shade down
No natural light in our row today…
American Airlines a319 passengers
The guy in the window seat across the aisle was plenty interested in the view outside though. This represents the one and only takeoff pic for this trip report.

Complimentary drinks and meals for purchase came through the aisles 45 minutes after departure, and as tempting as the turkey sandwich looked, I passed on it considering that my belly was still full from the bucket of oatmeal that I had in the lounge. On top of that, there are some pretty good restaurants at SAN nowadays and I was looking forward to a big lunch at the airport upon arrival.

American Airlines menu
A quick look at the menu, even though I know that I’m not going to get anything on today’s flight.
American Airlines food for purchase menu
I had that turkey sandwich on the flight to Miami, and it was good, but…not today.
American Airlines in flight snack
This is as wild and crazy as I got. Plain water, no ice. I live on the edge, don’t I?

What is it about podcasts that makes time go faster? My original plan was to sleep for most of the flight, but I started listening to a podcast in the first hour flight that ultimately led to another, which eventually led to three more. Every time I checked my watch I was amazed at the progress we were making, and I made a mental note to subscribe to more podcasts before my next big trip. A good podcast definitely eats up the time!

SANspotter and his iPhone
Thank you Apple for inventing the Podcast. It’s the perfect thing to listen to while traveling!

At least 30 minutes of this flight was dedicated to me thinking about how hard it is to write a good trip report for a flight as dull and routine as this one. I was in an aisle seat on a generic A319, not partaking in any food or entertainment provided by the airline, and I was lost in my own little world sitting there motionless in that tiny little seat with my earbuds crammed into my ears listening to podcasts.

How in the world was I going to write an interesting trip report about that?? I’m even struggling a bit as I write this, but I’d have to think that if you’ve made it this far I’m doing an okay job documenting the experience. Don’t bail me on me yet though – we’re landing soon and the trip report is just about over.

American Airlines a319 looking up the aisle
A perspective I’ve never shot while in flight. Gotta do what I can to keep this interesting!
American Airlines A319 lavatory
American Airlines A319 lavatory.
American Airlines a319 interior
American Airlines A319 interior, as seen from the very rear of the aircraft.

So yeah. Landing. Since window seat guy refused to open the window shade, I had to make use of my other senses to get a feeling of where we were in the landing process. Have you ever closed your eyes and just listened and felt the plane descend and then touch down?

If you have, you’ll know that airplanes make some pretty scary noises as it transforms from high-speed mode into landing configuration and you start to really appreciate the miracle of flight. At least that’s what I was feeling during this landing sequence. It’s especially fun to guess when the wheels are going to hit the pavement. If you’re not looking out the window it’s a lot harder than it seems!

American Airlines a319 cabin pic
The last few minutes of flight. Almost home!
SANspottr deboarding American Airlines a319
Another trip has come to an end. Thanks for the ride AA!
SANspotter jet bridge selfie
I’ve been told I need to smile more in my selfies. Oddly enough it feels like I’m grinning ear to ear in these pics but reality is somewhat different. Lol!
Terminal 2 east SAN
The familiar sight of terminal 2 east. Make way people…I’m headed to the food court in terminal 2 west!

Overall I’d have to give American Airlines an A- on this particular flight. They got us to San Diego on time, well-snacked, and we didn’t even crash into the desert on the way in. That’s a good flight in my book.

Thanks for following along with me on this quick trip to Miami! My next trip report will be starting very soon, and it’s going to be something a little bit different and a little out of character for this blog. I think you’ll like it though, so stay tuned…

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