A weekend trip to SAN just for the heck of it

I have been living in Michigan for 5 and a half months at this point, and I am badly missing San Diego (and southern California). I know I made a mistake by moving away, but I am sort of stuck now because the economy is still pretty bad and the chances of nabbing a good job in San Diego are slim to none. Besides, my new company has paid a lot of money to move me to Michigan, so I know I owe it to them to stay on for at least a year. Sigh…

On top of that, a coworker of mine was having a get-together over the weekend that I wasn’t particularly interested in attending. Long story short, I’m not really a social person and sometimes I prefer to do my own thing – and since I thought it would look sort of weird for me to decline but not have any other plans, I decided that I needed to make some. What better excuse for a travel/photo junkie is there than a weekend trip across the country? Yep, it was a very easy decision – especially since I am getting highly irritated of the cold nuclear winter that is February in Michigan.

I was lucky enough to be able to find a round trip (SBN-CVG-SAN-CVG-SBN) fare on Delta for a really low price, mostly because of the quick out-and-back nature of the trip which also included a Saturday night stay. Basically, I arrived in San Diego at mid-day, then departed early the next morning. Sure, it was just a quick trip but it satisfied several of my immediate needs at the time: to get the hell out of Michigan for the weekend, see San Diego, and do some aviation photography.

The aviation photography wasn’t the primary purpose of this trip, but I was certainly eager to get pictures of anything I could along the way. Here are some more notable pictures from this adventure, starting with the Delta Connection (Comair) CRJ-200 (N779CA) that took me from SBN to CVG before sunrise on Saturday morning:

Delta Connection CRJ-200

It was a completely uneventful hop over, and the sun was rising just as we landed at CVG. I had a bit of time to spare before connecting to my San Diego flight, and here are a few pics I got from that layover:

Delta Airlines 757-200

Delta Airlines 737-800

Delta Airlines 737-800

Vacation Express 737-300

Once I arrived in San Diego, aviation photography was the last thing on my mind. I was happy as heck to be back in Southern California at that point, so I didn’t waste any time picking up my rental car and heading north along the coast for a leisurely drive. My hotel was in the Midway area, so on the way back south to check out downtown I stopped by SAN to grab a few pics from the aircraft viewing lot on the corner of Harbor and Laurel. As luck would have it, I managed to get a few pics of the British Airways 777-200 as it was taxiing out for a 27L departure.

British Airways 777-200

British Airways 777-200

Southwest Airlines 737-500 Shamu One

And that was pretty much it for this trip. I had a very leisurely evening and dinner that night, but I did have a bit of time early the next morning to drive up to Torrey Pines beach for a quick look before heading back to SAN to catch a flight back east. It really hurt to leave, but I had no choice.

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