A weekend trip to Las Vegas on America West Airlines

One good thing about living in a Southwest Airlines “focus” city such as San Diego is that it has helped to drive ticket prices down pretty low for certain markets in the region. LAS is usually a pretty cheap destination thanks to their battle with America West on this route, and it’s not uncommon to be able to pick up last-minute fares for under $200 round trip on either carrier to Las Vegas. This particular trip was pretty spontaneous for me – as a matter of fact, I recall booked it less than 24 hours prior to departure.

I had purchased my tickets for SAN-LAS on America West, and I was scheduled to depart SAN late Saturday afternoon (November 4th) on a 757, and return the next morning (November 5th) on another 757. It was going to be a great weekend! Not because I was going to Las Vegas, but because I would be traveling. Heck, I really didn’t care where I was flying to – I was just happy to be hitting the road for a couple days.

When I arrived at SAN for my departure flight, the incoming 757 that would turn around and take me to LAS had not arrived yet. I was actually pretty anxious to see which particular 757 it would be, as America West painted most of these planes in a special livery. Up to this point, I had been on the Phoenix Suns plane (N907AW) and the Arizona Diamondbacks plane (N904AW)…so which one would I get today? The aircraft arrived several minutes later and it just so happened to be the Teamwork Coast to Coast plane (N902AW). Yes!!

Unfortunately, my excitement was extinguished just 30 minutes later when they announced the cancellation of the flight to do a mechanical issue. Bummer. Long story short, they ended up putting me on a Southwest Airlines 737-300 that was scheduled to depart less than an hour away from the original HP flight. Oh well – that was that, and I scurried over to terminal 1.

The consolation prize for this substitution was presented by mother nature in the form of a beautiful sunset setting just behind my right shoulder. I got some incredible in-flight photos from that segment, and that made it all worth it. The colors of the setting sun against the desert sands below was absolutely incredible. It was a very Zen-like experience and I took as many pictures as I could. Too bad my camera is a total piece of junk. But hey – as I said before, I’m happy to have the pics now, no matter how bad the quality might be.

My only other photo from this trip was the next morning at LAS before departing back to SAN – I got some fairly decent shots of the Nevada One livery Southwest 737 pushing back from the gate. Oh – and luck was not with me on the return segment, as the particular 757 assigned to the route (N910AW) was in the normal America West livery. Oh well – all was not lost though, as it was a fun weekend of travel.

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