A three day trip to London England

London Tower Bridge

The holidays were coming up fast, and I was getting excited. A friend of mine from Spain was going to visit a couple of days after Christmas, and was really looking forward to showing her around San Diego. Unfortunately, her father became ill the week prior to this, and it was best that she stayed home to be with her family. When She told me that she wouldn’t be able to come, I was sympathetic to the situation but admittedly somewhat bummed. I have no life, and her coming to San Diego would have been a great opportunity for me to out of my apartment and out into the world. Suddenly, I had nothing to do. But I soon began to think of the things I could do since she wouldn’t be here. It didn’t take me long to think of traveling. I could go to Boston…Seattle..or Miami…or…

So with that, I jumped online and started checking prices. What I found made me even more depressed. What they say about holiday ticket prices was true – I was clearly out of my league here. I was desperate to go somewhere and do something fun, but now I didn’t think I could afford it. On a whim, I checked the prices to somewhere more exotic, like London. Fully expecting to find an out of this world price, I was knocked off my chair when I saw the price on the screen! I couldn’t believe it! I decided to go for it, even though I should be saving my money…and hey – I had nothing else to do. I made the reservations, and was glad I did because it took my mind off the fact that I wouldn’t be spending time with my girlfriend. The next week went by fast, and the day after Christmas I was off. It was really weird. This being my second trip to Europe, I didn’t feel as nervous as I did before the first time.

And I had plenty to be nervous about – I had no hotel reservations and no clue what to expect when I got there. Oh well. This trip was about getting away from life for a few days, and I could care less about petty crap like that. I wasn’t looking forward to the flight, but it turned out to not be that bad at all. The trip to Dulles was nearly empty, and I had plenty of room to spread out. The hop over the Atlantic wasn’t bad either, as it was my first time on a 777. That flight went by really fast, and we landed at LHR in no time. I wasn’t really that tired as I got off the plane – much to my surprise. Anyway, things went pretty smoothly as I left the airport, as I found a hotel reservation desk that hooked me up with an inexpensive hotel in central London for the whole time I was going to be there. That was one obstacle out of my way.

London square
Central London
the iconic Big Ben
Big Ben

I got to my hotel, and was amazed at the size of it. There was barely enough room to walk around! Oh well. The location was perfect, and it was a place to sleep. I took a long hot shower and soon set off to explore the city. I ended up walking down to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc. It was a long walk and the fact that it was cold and I was tired didn’t make things too much fun that first day. I went back to my hotel early and quickly fell asleep.

The next day came fast, and I started it with breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Again disgusted by British food, I quickly ate all I could stand to and then set off for East London. I walked around the tower of London in the morning, and then went over to Kensington in the afternoon to check out the Natural History museum and the Science museum. Both were well worth the price of admission.

tower bridge close up
Close up of the Tower Bridge
London's Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square monuments
Monuments in Trafalgar Square
crazy pigeons
The pigeons were CRAZY in Trafalgar Square
crazy london pigeons
More crazy pigeons

By the time I finished up there, it was time to crash. I was so tired. Having dinner by myself that night, I decided I’d call it a wrap and head back to the states the next morning. London was fun, but I was spending way too much money and I was getting bored talking to myself. I caught a 777 bound for San Francisco (and a connection to SAN) the next morning, happy that I got a chance to see London.

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