A quick trip to Maui aboard a United Airlines 777-200

Although I’m not in debt, I’m pretty much broke without much savings in the bank. But hey – being young and single, flying off to various places on spur-of-the-moment whims was what I am into. Nothing wrong with that, eh?

On September 2nd, I took a long weekend trip to Maui, Hawaii via United Airlines. This wasn’t necessarily a spontaneous trip, as I had booked it three months prior with miles out of my Mileage Plus account. I actually felt pretty lucky to be able to book award tickets only three months out for a holiday weekend to a high-demand resort location, but  unfortunately, I haven’t been so lucky since then. I don’t know why, but I just have really bad luck trying to get award seats these days. But that’s a topic for another blog…

Award tickets in hand, I was up bright and early the morning of September 2nd for this trip. I had been to Oahu before, but never Maui – so I was very much looking forward to my day of travels. My itinerary on this day was SAN-SFO-OGG – all on United Airlines so the connections were to be quick and easy. The flight up to San Francisco was on a United Shuttle 737-300 and my connection to OGG was aboard N212UA, which just happened to be a brand new 777-200 that was less than a week old. It even had that new-aircraft smell!

Aviation photography was not the purpose of this trip, however, I did bring my camera (as I always do) just in case I happened to come across anything interesting. I had a window seat on the SFO-OGG segment, so I took a couple pics out the window along the way but I really had no intention of doing any aviation photography in Maui. However, resistance was futile, and I actually hung out for a while upon landing at OGG getting pics of some interesting aircraft I never got to see in San Diego. For example, I saw several American Trans Air L-1011’s, lots of little Hawaiian DC-9’s, and a Skyservice USA DC-10. Unfortunately, I didn’t get good pics of any of them! Everything was backlit, and my crappy little Fuji MX-2900 did horribly in such conditions. Oh well – I am hesitant to post the pics here (they suck) but I’ll include them here as part of my archives for viewing if I ever feel like re-living the memories from this trip.

Maui aviation photography
A collection of pics I took at OGG

Speaking of memories from this trip, I can’t say that they are great. I did like Maui, but it was too laid back and not as interesting as Oahu (to me at least). I should have spent more time at the airport taking pictures.

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