A morning of photographing 25L arrivals at LAX

I think this is going to be another one of my aviation photography sessions that will make me scratch my head in befuddlement many years from now. The entire first two and a half hours of this trip to LAX was under heavy clouds and fog. What in the world possessed me to make the drive up to LA from San Diego today? The only consolation I see is that the fog did eventually burn off and the sun came out – but only an hour or so before my camera’s batteries died. I am a strange boy for taking a time-wasting gamble like that! Or, perhaps it just means that I am hopelessly optimistic…

This set of photos was shot from standing on Aviation Blvd just under the 25L flight path. But again – I scratch my head in befuddlement as to why I chose to stand on the sidewalk along Aviation Blvd because it’s a pretty dangerous place to stand with all the traffic whizzing by at high speed. There were also a lot of people yelling obscenities at me as they sped by. Ha!

TWA 767-300

Air New Zealand 747-400

National Airlines 757-200

Mexicana 727-200

Lufthansa 747-400

Legend Airlines DC-9-32

KLM 747-200(SUD)

Delta Airlines L-1011-385-3

Alitalia MD-11C

Aeromexpress 727-200F

Once the marine layer (fog) burned off, I ended up with some decent pictures. Some of the more interesting airplanes from this batch were: a Hawaiian Airlines DC-10-10, a Delta Airlines L-1011-3, a Mexicana 727-200, a Legend Airlines DC-9-32, and an Alitalia MD-11 Combi.

On an unrelated note, I am typically a morning shooter. I always arrive at the airport early, and my memory cards are filled up by noon – if my batteries last that long. I want to try afternoon photo sessions at LAX because of all the interesting aircraft that arrived late in the day, but I’ll tackle that someday. I think it just boils down to the fact that I dodn’t want to wait around all day before driving to LAX, and then returning to San Diego so late. Basically – if I want to take pictures of airplanes, I want to do it NOW. I hate the thought of waiting until later in the afternoon to do it.

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