A collection of my favorite in-flight photos from the past 5 years

I’ve been fortunate to do a fair amount of travel over the past 5 years, and to me, one of the best things about airline travel is the view out the window at 37,oooft. I’m that guy who could care less about the in-flight entertainment, and instead I am glued to the window for the entire flight with my camera close at hand ready to capture anything that looks interesting. And let me tell you…I’ve seen a lot of interesting things! At least that’s what my photo archives indicate. I’ve literally got thousands of in-flight over wing shots in my archives from the past 5 years alone so that should tell just how much I enjoy it. With that said, here is a small collection of my favorites (in no particular order):

The image above was the view out the window of Hawaiian Airlines flight 16 as we departed the reef runway at HNL bound for SAN in December of 2010. The weather for the last few days on Oahu had been nothing but solid rain, but the clouds broke just in time for a nice view of Waikiki and Diamond Head as we passed by.

Illuminated Engine and Wing

This was the view from seat 5A on a Delta Airlines 757-200 (N507US) as we departed ATL bound for PBI. The light was spectacular, but unfortunately, the crappy point and shoot camera I had with me was not. Sorry for the lower quality of the pic.

Delta Airlines 757-200

Here is another view from the window of a Delta Airlines 757-200 (N638DL), this time enroute to SAN from ATL in July of 2012. We had just left a cluster of stormy weather behind, and things were starting to clear up nicely as the sun was setting.

37000ft over SW Colorado

This the view from seat 1A on a Delta Airlines 737-800 (N3766) our way to JFK from SAN, right as we are overflying the ski resorts of Colorado. Even in late July, there’s snow down there!

Delta Airlines 767-300

Here we are on Delta Airlines flight 219 (Boeing 767-300 / N16065) from CDG to MSP as we are overflying Greenland in October 2011. Check out those glaciers!

Snowy Alps

And finally, this is the view from a KLM 737-800 as we are passing over the Swiss Alps on a crystal clear morning in December of 2007. Looks cold down there, but this flight was headed to ATH (from AMS).

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