Introduction: Delta Airlines first class San Diego to West Palm beach via Atlanta

01. Introduction: Delta Airlines first class San Diego to West Palm beach via Atlanta
02. Delta Airlines 757-200 first class San Diego to Atlanta
03. Delta Airlines 757-200 first class Atlanta to West Palm Beach
04. Delta Airlines MD-88 first class West Palm Beach to Atlanta
05. Delta Airlines 757-200 first class Atlanta to San Diego

It’s that time of year again – time to head east to Florida to spend the holidays with the family, enjoy some much needed time off, and to eat lots of really good food. These trips are always pretty much a carbon-copy of one another, and to be honest, this one won’t really won’t be all that much different from the trip report I wrote last year for this exact same itinerary. The only difference will be some better quality photography (I’ve learned a lot since then) and aircraft type.

If you recall, I flew this exact same itinerary last year on 767-300’s between San Diego and Atlanta, and 757-200’s between Atlanta and West Palm beach. Those options were still available this year, but our schedule was a little bit different this time (we needed to depart later and return earlier), so I booked three 757-200’s with one MD-88 between West Palm Beach and Atlanta. I’ve never given a proper review of any of these aircraft in Delta’a first class configuration, so I didn’t mind giving up the wide body 767’s to do this review.

So you may be asking: “why Delta…again?”. Well, I am pretty satisfied with their transcon products out of San Diego, and any other airline would have put us on 737’s or A320’s the entire way. These 757’s are getting rare, and I’d like to fly them as much as possible before they are gone for good. Also contributing to the decision was the fact that the second segment on this trip (ATL-PBI) would be my 100th flight on the 757. Quite a milestone for me!

Delta has always had an interesting mix of aircraft flying in and out of San Diego, but (unfortunately) it won’t be long before the only types to and from ATL will be 737-900’s and other smaller aircraft. That’s pretty boring compared to the current mix of 767’s and 757’s that fly this route today! When that happens, I’ll be more tempted to fly different airlines on my annual jaunts to south Florida, but for now, Delta is my airline of choice.

Here’s the itinerary:

12/23/14 DL1692 San Diego to Atlanta (first class) – 757-200
12/23/14 DL1285 Atlanta to West Palm Beach (first class) – 757-200
12/27/14 DL1109 West Palm Beach to Atlanta (first class) – MD-88
12/27/14 DL1467 Atlanta to San Diego (first class) – 757-200

Ready to leave the cold behind and fly away to warm and sunny south Florida? Let’s go!

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