Trip Report: United Club San Diego

01. Introduction
02. United Club San Diego
03. United Airlines first class San Diego to San Francisco
04. United Club San Francisco
05. ANA business class San Francisco to Tokyo
06. ANA arrivals lounge Tokyo
07. ANA economy class Tokyo to Hiroshima
08. ANA economy class Hiroshima to Tokyo
09. ANA business lounge Tokyo Narita
10. ANA business class Tokyo to San Francisco
11. United Airlines first class San Francisco to San Diego

I’ll come right out and say that I’m still pretty much a newbie when it comes to airport lounges and airport clubs. Up until this point in my life, the only other airline lounge that I’ve had the privilege to try was the British Airways lounge at LHR last June – I was quite impressed by that experience. Although I had nothing to measure it against, it was admittedly a lot better than wandering the departure halls. I did have to wonder how good it actually was, however.

I’ve heard a lot of really good things about the new airline lounges at San Diego International Airport, which are totally new and part of the Terminal 2 West expansion that was opened last August. That said, my expectations were high and I was thankfully not let down. My wife, however, was less impressed and was more interested in catching up on some much needed sleep. Can’t blame her at all though – 6:15am departures are always difficult!

united club

The lounge is bright and open

Located on the upper level overlooking the T2 food court, the lounge is a beautiful sanctuary built of glass and tasteful metal accents. The really nice thing is that the views outside to the ramp and airplanes parked at the gate are plentiful, and it’s a nice bright (and quiet) place to relax before or after a flight. I had a bowl of Cheerios while my wife spread out in a big comfy chair for a quick nap.

We didn’t spend very long here, but it was nice to sit and relax for 10 minutes before heading down to catch our flight to San Francisco.

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