Trip Report: British Airways Club Europe (business class) London to Stockholm

01. Introduction: San Diego to London and Stockholm on British Airways
02. British Airways Club World (business class) San Diego to London
03. British Airways Club Europe (business class) London to Stockholm
04. A lazy day in Stockholm, Sweden
05. RadissonBlu SkyCity Arlanda Airport
06. British Airways Club Europe (business class) Stockholm to London
07. British Airways Club World (business class) London to San Diego

BA 782
London, England (LHR) – Stockholm, Sweden (ARN)
Sunday, June 16 2013
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Seat: 3A (business)

Once I made it through security, I was happy to realize that I still had plenty of time to catch my flight to Stockholm. I was unhappy, however, to realize that Terminal 5 at LHR is a massively crowded airport with very few places to find peace and quiet. Even the lounges were packed to the gills! I had about an hour to kill, so I just moved around from spot to spot to get away from the crowds and chaos.

Boarding was eventually called and I took my time boarding the aircraft. Having just spent 10 hours on an airplane, I was in no rush to get on another one.

We took off without much of a delay, and were soon airborne as the skies started clearing around London. It was turning out to be a pretty nice day as we departed.

Departing LHR on the way to Stockholm (ARN)

Departing LHR on the way to Stockholm (ARN)

The flight was completely uneventful, made pleasant by the delicious afternoon-tea service (with finger-sandwiches) and beautiful views out the window as we made our way over Scandinavia.

About 30 minutes southwest of Stockholm Arlanda

About 30 minutes southwest of Stockholm Arlanda

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