Introduction: San Diego to Belize on American Airlines and Maya Island Air

01. Introduction: San Diego to Belize on American Airlines and Maya Island Air
02. American Airlines economy class San Diego to Dallas
03. American Airlines economy class Dallas to West Palm Beach
04. American Airlines economy class Miami to Belize City
05. Maya Island Air Belize City to Dangriga
06. One week on a private island off the coast of Belize
07. Maya Island Air Dangriga to Belize City
08. American Airlines economy class Belize City to Dallas
09. American Airlines economy class Dallas to San Diego

In late 2012, my sister came up with the crazy idea of a family trip to Belize. More specifically, a trip to a private island 7 miles off the coast of Belize. It would essentially be tropical camping since there would be very limited running water and electricity, but nonetheless, we all thought it was a cool idea. My wife didn’t quite agree – she’s not a fan of anything relating to camping, but she was smart enough to see this as more of an opportunity to have the house to herself for a week while I went to play Gilligan’s Island with my family. So yeah…I guess you could say that she thought it was cool in a somewhat different way. 🙂

The plan was for everyone (me, my sister and her family, and our parents) to meet at MIA on April 20th for a direct flight to BZE and then on to Dangriga (DGA). My sister and her family would be coming from Minnesota, and my parents from West Palm Beach, which is basically an hour or so north of MIA. The fact that I would be coming from San Diego, however, required some additional planning. There was no way to fly from southern California on the morning of the 20th and make it to MIA in time to meet up with everyone else for the international flight to BZE. The time zone differences made that impossible, so we decided that it would be better if I fly to West Palm Beach (PBI) the day before, and that way my parents and I could drive to MIA together the next morning.

Therefore, my full routing for this trip is as follows:

4/19/13 AA1998 San Diego to Dallas
4/19/13 AA1374 Dallas to West Palm Beach
4/20/13 AA2167 Miami to Belize City
4/20/13 Maya Island Air Belize City to Dangriga
4/27/13 Maya Island Air Dangriga to Belize City
4/27/13 AA2176 Belize City to Dallas
4/27/13 AA658 Dallas to San Diego

Ready? Let’s go!

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