Lots of airliner photos from San Diego International Airport (SAN/KSAN)

I wasted no time getting back out to the airport once I returned from Dublin. I am living about a mile away from SAN, so getting out there for photo sessions on a regular basis is quite easy. Looking back on my archives, I’ve been out there 7 times in the months of September and October. That’s crazy!

Anyway, I have photography at SAN down to a science. I know which days are the best (in terms of traffic movements), what times are best, and the best locations. I’m sure the San Diego Harbor Police have become familiar with me as well, though they are always cool and leave me alone to do my thing. I really appreciate that.

American Airlines 757-200

American Eagle Saab 340

AeroMexico MD-87

Capital Cargo 727-200F

Delta Airlines 757-200

FedEx A300-600F

Hawaiian AIrlines 767-300

America West 757-200

Sun Country Airlines 737-800

Sun Country 737-800

Sun Country Airlines 737-800

Sun Country Airlines 737-800

United Express EMB-120

Southwest Airlines 737-700

Southwest Airlines 737-700

I think the highlight of this batch of photos is the Delta Airlines Spirit of Delta 767-200 (N102DA) shot I got on the morning of October 19th. Although not backlit, the lighting wasn’t great and there is a hint of heat haze coming up from the runway surface – but I was thrilled to nail it nonetheless. There was a tip on Airliners.net a few days prior from a Delta employee who said that the Spirit of Delta would be making some runs to San Diego over the next few days, but other than that, I had no way to tell exactly when that would be. I got lucky that morning.

Most of the other photos from this batch were taken in the late afternoon and evening, which is my favorite time to shoot photos at SAN. I still can’t believe how much time I spent out there in the last two months!

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