Photos from the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX

It’s official: the Tom Bradley International terminal at LAX has become my favorite place for aviation photography, which is saying a lot considering how close I live to my hometown airport of SAN. Due to the large variety of aircraft (and the close up views), it’s well worth the four-hour round trip drive to hang out at LAX for a few hours instead of spending an entire day at SAN. LAX is very unpredictable too – every time I’ve shot there, I always came home with at least one airline or aircraft I hadn’t shot before. That’s what makes it so exciting to me – and I sure as heck wouldn’t go up there as often if I was limited to the same shots over and over again.

This time was no different. My “money shots” from this photo session were close up views of a Hawaiian Airlines DC-10-30 (N141AA), a China Eastern MD-11 (B-2171), and a TWA 767-300 (N63TW). While I had photographed all of these airplanes before at some time or another in the past, these are by far the best pictures of each that I have got to date. Those Hawaiian Airlines DC-10’s are absolutely beautiful – I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to photograph a few of them before they completely disappear.

USAirways A319

American Airlines 737-800

China Eastern MD-11

Continental Airlines 737-700

Continental Airlines 757-200

International Tails at LAX

TWA 767-300

Taking pictures from inside the Tom Bradley International Terminal is great.

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