Aviation photography from SAN

I am starting to become quite a regular at SAN. I’ve made a handful of trips down there so far this month, each time returning with a a small collection of interesting pictures.

American Airlines 767-200

Continental Airlines 737-800

America West 757-200 Teamwork Coast to Coast Livery

America West 757-200

Another interesting photo from this set is of a Frontier Airlines 737-200 (N118RW). The F9 737-200’s are being phased out rather aggressively so I feel like I’m pretty lucky to have taken this picture before they all disappear for good. As such, I believe this to be the only Frontier Airlines 737-200 that I ever shot – and it might be the last since SAN and LAX will both become 737-300 stations in a few months.

It is also a goal of mine to photograph every America West 757 logo jet. As you can see from these pictures, I had two opportunities so far this month – but only one of them was a logo jet, and it just so happened to be one of the aircraft that I had shot many times prior (N902AW – Teamwork Coast to Coast). I really want pics of the Ohio-themed plane.

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