An afternoon of photography from inside the terminals at MSY

Yet another one of my spontaneous trips to a place I’ve never been to before, last weekend I took a last-minute jaunt to New Orleans. I’m young and broke, working in an internet start-up company that had big hopes of hitting it big with our planned IPO – so hey…I can easily afford these spontaneous jaunts, right? Ha! I think when I get older I’m going to want to back in time and slap my head silly for such craziness. But that’s a topic for another blog…

The thing worth noting about this trip is that I didn’t intend on making it an aviation-photography adventure. Just like my recent trip to MIA, this was mostly about traveling just to see someplace I’ve never seen before. That’s it. But I did throw my trusty MX-2900 in my bag as a precautionary measure, just in case I found myself in a good opportunity to take pictures of airplanes.

Long story short, I actually did end up having an entire afternoon free to wander around the airport before making my way back to SAN (via DFW on Delta). It was a pretty boring afternoon, and the Cajun fast-food lunch I had to kick it off didn’t set things off in a very nice way. Terrible is the best way I could describe that plate of food. But once again I’m getting off topic…

Traffic was pretty slow at MSY on that afternoon, but it didn’t stop me from wandering through the terminals snapping up pics of pretty much everything I saw. United Airlines 727-200’s, Delta Airlines 757-200’s and 727-200’s were what I got pictures of the most. Trouble is that most of the pics were crappy due to bad lighting and sun position.

However, luck was on my side and mother nature presented me with a gorgeous cloud-free sunset which provided a stellar opportunity to get some really nice pictures of a Delta 727-200 in the widget livery. The best from that series of pictures is above. This is a significant picture for me. Not only is it one of the best pictures of a commercial aircraft that I have shot to date, it actually taught me a very important lesson about quality light and mood. I have never shot in that kind of light before, and I’m not going to lie when I say that I pretty much broke my arm trying to pat myself on my back for learning something significant.

I’m not even going to post pics from earlier that day – it’s not worth it. This Delta 727-200 picture was the best part of that entire trip, and with that one photo, I felt like I was no longer an aviation photography newb. Things can only get better from there…

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